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New in the Collections

The Kinsey Institute Library and Archives, and Art, Artifacts and Photography, are enriched each year by the generous contributions of collectors and donors. Please contact the library & archives for more details and access to these collections.

S. Michael Plaut Collection
Dr. Plaut, psychologist and certified sex therapist, has contributed his archives, which include his work and writings on Professional-Client Sexual Exploitation.

While serving as member and chair of the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists from 1982 to 1985, Dr Plaut became interested in the problem of sexual misconduct by professionals. His archives include lectures, articles, legal briefs and research in this area. From 1994 to 1996, he chaired the 24 member Maryland State Task Force to Study Professional-Client Sexual Exploitation.

Dr Plaut served as editor of the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy, publishing special issues in areas such as the Internet, education, religion, and professional-client boundaries. He is a past-president of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, and was the first recipient of the SSTAR Service Award in 2006.


Ex Libris by Victor Fliesig, wood engraving, 1927

Ex Libris
This major collection of Ex Libris (bookplates) includes 280 small, elegant prints, created by a variety of European artists for patrons as personal book plates. Donor John R. Poindexter, Ph.D., explains his interest in these small, personal prints:

This collection grew out of my interest in printmaking. Ex libris goes beyond an artist’s personal vision, and in a small, intimate, fashion, also tells much about the owner; a commissioned ex libris is biographical.

Exhibited in 2013 in the KI Gallery, the show “Naked Spaces” included several of these bookplates.

Mr. Poindexter's donation also includes two photographs now on display in the current exhibition "Face Value", including a vintage print by noted 20th century photographer Doris Ulmann, and several prints by Herbert Fink.


Jeanne Hoff Collection
Dr. Jeanne Hoff has donated her archives, focusing on transsexual records and materials.

Dr. Hoff, a psychiatrist, worked with the Harry Benjamin Practice, and later opened her own private practice in transgender care.

Dr. Hoff herself went through sexual reassignment surgery in the late 1970's. Her archives include several TV appearances, notably an award-winning episode from the NBC show, "Not for Women Only," with Polly Bergen, and an interview of Jeanne as she commenced her transition by Lynn Redgrave for the show, "Becoming Jeanne."

Ryudai Takano photos in the Kinsey Gallery. Photograph by Jennifer Bass.

Ryudai Takano
Contemporary Japanese photographer Ryudai Takano is known for his large-scale portraits exploring nudity and queer identity. Takano donated two color prints, (shown at right) one from his series titled "In My Room" and the other from his “How to contact a man” series.

Both photographs are currently on exhibit in the “Face Value” show in the Kinsey Institute Gallery.




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