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2010 John Money Fellowship

The John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology was established in 2002 by Dr. John Money, and first awarded in 2009. The fellowship supports graduate students whose scholarly work would benefit from the use of library and archival materials at The Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. In addition to conducting his or her own research, the fellow is expected to make a contribution to the organization, preservation, and/or accessibility of The Kinsey Institute collections.

2010 Fellow: Bradley Lane

Bradley Lane, 2010 Awardee of the John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology.

Indiana University student Bradley Lane has been awarded the John Money Fellowship to develop his dissertation project, A Visual Politics of the Perverse: Sexual Predation and the ‘Perversion’ of American Visual Culture. Set to be the first dissertation offered in the field of Gender Studies in the nation, this project concerns the visual representation of sexual perversion in the twentieth-century United States, particularly through the figure of the sexual predator.

Combining interests in criminology, the law, psychoanalysis, feminist and queer theory, cultural studies, and the social and cultural history of various media, this fully interdisciplinary project considers the visual culture of perversion alongside the rise of the sexual predator as a figure of various ‘perverse’ incarnations in U.S. culture — including the old man, the homosexual, and the pedophile, for instance. Bradley's project will benefit from the ample resources which the Institute Library, Archives, and Art, Artifact and Photography collections hold regarding the scientific and social-scientific study of sexuality — particularly in its psychological and criminological forms.

As his contribution to the Institute’s resources for visiting scholars in his tenure as a John Money Fellow, Bradley plans to produce a review essay of the Institute’s 1965 Sex Offender Study that can serve as a ‘collection guide’ for other scholars, as well as an updated bibliography related to the Institute’s broader holdings on sex crime, sex offense, and sexual predation.

Honorable mentions go to Bradley Blankenship, Ph.D. candidate of Higher Education Student Affairs, School of Education, Indiana University (topic: The Sexual Meaning Making of College Men: A Narrative Analysis) and Shannon Stark, Master candidate of Landscape Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design (topic: The Nature of Teenagers: adolescent sexuality in the landscape).

2009 Fellow: Sarah Lindsley

In 2009, the inaugural John Money Fellowship was awarded to Sarah Lindsley, a graduate student in the Department of History at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA. Her project, Sexuality and the National Body: Men’s Magazines and Female Sexuality explored debates surrounding the depiction of female sexuality in print from the 1930s to 1970s and how these led to social and moral conflicts over the meaning of sexuality, female imaging, and mass culture. The photo-essay below highlights some of Ms. Lindsley's research findings.


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