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Recent Podcasts & Video from The Kinsey Institute


Podcasts / Audio

Kinsey Institute Presents: Director Julia Heiman Discusses the Kinsey Institute Today
Dr. Heiman discusses her the events of her tenure so far as KI Director, and future directions for the Institute. [mp3; 11:09 mins]

Kinsey Institute Presents: Women and Pleasure - An Interview with Dr. Debby Herbenick
Dr. Herbenick discusses the importance of pleasure as a factor in women's sexual experience, the impact of cultural differences on sexuality, and the relevance of western sex research in other cultures. [mp3; 8:55 mins]

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Vintage Sex Toys from the Kinsey Gallery Show, Private Eyes
A quick peek at a selection of home-made sex toys featured in the Kinsey Gallery show, Private Eyes, showing until April 22, 2010. [video; 2:02 mins]

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The following videos are hosted courtesy of SexSmartFilms.com, and will open in your web browser:

Dr. Paul Gebhard & Dr. Elizabeth Mooney reminisce about working at the Institute during the Kinsey era.

An Evening with Paul Gebhard and Elizabeth Mooney
A chat with Dr. Paul Gebhard, former KI director and colleague of Alfred Kinsey, and Dr. Elizabeth Mooney, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology at IU South Bend about their days at the Institute. [Flash; 41:42 mins]

A short film showing selections of hand-made sex toys

The Kinsey Institute Presents: NICHD 25th Anniversary: Dr. John Money's Presentation
From the Kinsey Institute collections. Video production courtesy of Sex Smart Films. [Flash; 19 mins]

A short film showing selections of hand-made sex toys

Harry Benjamin Memorial, New York Academy of Medicine, January 10, 1987
Speakers at a memorial for sexology pioneer Dr. Harry Benjamin including several eminent sex researchers, medical practitioners, and previous patients of Dr. Benjamin. [Flash; 13:11 mins]

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