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Bigger and Better Options for Kinsey Collections

After years of planning, a selection of items from The Kinsey Institute collections are now safely in place at the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF2) at Indiana University. At the end of 2010, Kinsey library staff carefully prepared for the transportation of special items from the collection to this state-of-the-art depository.

Photo courtesy IUB Libraries.

Space is limited within the confines of The Kinsey Institute library, and fragile and vulnerable items such as films, magazines and irreplaceable papers and archives require careful environmental conditions to insure their longevity and protection. Not only does ALF provide ‘pristine’ conditions for preservation and protection, but the system allows for access by library patrons, so that any scholar may be able to retrieve specific items in a careful and timely manner.

“We expect to one day have our own comprehensive facility within The Kinsey Institute for housing and preserving the Kinsey collections, but for now, we are thrilled to be able to ensure that our unique collections are stored under the best possible conditions. Donors and patrons for generations to come can feel secure that The Kinsey Institute, in partnership with Indiana University, is serving as a responsible steward for these valuable and unique collections on sexuality,” says Liana Zhou, director of Library and Archives at the Kinsey Institute.

Among the items in the new ALF unit are:

  • Bound journals/Magazines: 743 volumes
  • Pulp Fiction: 110 boxes (approx. 11000 volumes)
  • Film: 278 boxes; approx. 10,00 individual items/reels
  • Archival boxes: 245 boxes (10 collections)
KI Library staff Laura Hiatt-Smith and Taylor Dean brave the labyrinth of shelving in the Auxiliary Library Facility.

And what about access to the collections for library users and scholars?

“Our library patrons should not have any difficulty accessing materials stored at ALF. A simple electronic request guarantees that the items will be delivered to The Kinsey Library reading room for use by students, scholars, and other qualified researchers,” says Shawn Wilson, public service manager at The Kinsey Institute library.

Shawn Wilson and Jonathan Ingels, cataloging specialist, were instrumental in the coordinating the process. Kinsey library staff Taylor Dean and Laura Hiatt-Smith created thousands of bibliographic records. The Kinsey Institute is grateful for the efforts of Allison Stewart, Nonie Watt and Elizabeth Johnson, and the generous assistance of Jim Champion, Rachael Stoeltje, and Jerry Anderson.Thanks also go to Brenda Johnson, Ruth Lilly Dean of IU Libraries, Carolyn Walter, associate dean, and members of the Libraries ALF Advisory Committee.

KI Library staff Laura Hiatt-Smith (left) and Taylor Dean assist with the move.

ALF project funding came from the Office of the Vice President for Research at IU.

Finally, the institute staff recognizes the dedication, expertise and commitment to preservation shown by the ALF staff.  All Kinsey library staff have commented on the professionalism, expertise and deep commitment to the preservation of materials shown by ALF department head Vaughn Nuest and assistant manager Matthew Myers.

Tours of the facility are available to faculty, staff, students, and community members. For more information, visit the ALF Web site.


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