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The Kinsey Institute continually seeks new ways to provide timely and useful information about sex research and sexual health. Here's a sampling of how we get the word out:

Recommended reading from sex experts

A new feature on our sex information website,, is "What They're Reading." The column features book recommendations from sex researchers around the country. We hope to introduce the public to new interesting, research-based information sources they can enjoy and learn from.

Founder of the It Gets Better project comments on sexuality issues

Dan Savage is a sex advice columnist whose work is featured in his newspaper column Savage Love. He is also co-founder of the It Gets Better Project which created a video forum through YouTube for concerned individuals to offer role models and hope to teenagers struggling with issues around sexual orientation. Dan sat down in Bloomington for a series of interviews which we published on

Topics of the interviews ranged from lighthearted comments on musical theatre to serious discussions on identity issues facing heterosexual men, handling non-monogamy responsibly and visibly in a monogamy-centered culture, and the history and impact of the It Gets Better Project. You can read the entire 5-part series of interviews on Kinsey Confidential »

Kinsey Scientist Dr. Erick Janssen braves the cold to explain his research on the dual control model for British documentary crew.

Another day, another camera

British television Channel 4 recently commissioned a documentary on sex researchers for airing in the UK. The video crew for the project visited Bloomington this winter to film segments on the how and why of sex research.

Kinsey Institute scientist Dr. Erick Janssen described the dual control model, which may help people understand why they react (or don't) in sexual situations.

Also participating in the documentary shoot was former Kinsey Institute researcher and director, Dr. Paul Gebhard. While in Bloomington, he also visited with Kinsey Institute staff and researchers. The documentary is scheduled to air in the UK in this summer.

Dr. Paul Gebhard, former Kinsey Institute director and researcher chats with Kinsey Institute Curator Catherine Johnson-Roehr during his recent visit to Bloomington to film a British documentary on sex researchers.





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