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Condom Team Featured as Guest Editors

Members of The Kinsey Institute's CURT - Condom Use Research Team - are the guest editors for a special issue of Sexual Health. This edition of the journal focuses on global condom use to prevent sexually-transmitted infections.

Above, left to right: Dr. Richard Crosby, Dr. Cynthia Graham, Dr. William Yarber, Dr. Robin Milhausen, Dr. Stephanie Sanders - the Condom Use Research Team

The articles appearing in this special issue of Sexual Health include:

  • "Condom Use: Still a Sexual Health Staple" (Richard Crosby and Ward Cates)
  • "Condom Use Around the Globe" (Lee Warner and Maria Gallo)
  • "Condom Effectiveness: Where are we now?" (Rick Crosby and Sarah Bounse)
  • "Effectiveness, acceptability and use of the female condom for dual protection" (Maria Gallo, Maggie Kilbourne-Brook, Patricia Coffey)
  • "Condom use in China: prevalence, policies, issues and barriers" (Huachum Zou)
  • "Review of HIV vulnerability and condom use in Central and Eastern Europe" (Yuri Amirkhanian)
  • "Condom social marketing in sub-Saharan Africa and the total market approach" (Steven Chapman, Krishna Jafa, Kim Longfield, Nadja Vielot, Justin Buszin, Charoendej Ngamkitpaiboon, and Megan Kays)
  • "Progress and challenges to male and female condom use in South Africa" (Mags Beksinska)
  • "Condoms in Sub-Sahara Africa" (Eleanor Matitka-Tyndale)
  • "Dual use of condoms and contraceptives in the United States" (Jenny Higgins)
  • "Condom Use Errors and Problems: A Global View" (Stephanie Sanders, William Yarber, Erin Kaufman, Richard Crosby, Cynthia Graham, Robin Milhausen )
  • "Condom Migration Resulting From Circumcision, Microbicides, and Vaccines: Brief Review and Methodological Considerations" (Rick Crosby, J. Ricks, and A. Young)
  • "Condom Use in the Context of Sex Research" (Cynthia Graham)

The CURT researchers have been working together for over a decade to investigate patterns of condom use and problems and errors in condom application in a variety of populations. Their findings have implications for new public health initiatives worldwide.

Members of CURT include Dr. Rick Crosby (University of Kentucky), Dr. Cindy Graham (University of Southampton ), Dr. Stephanie Sanders (The Kinsey Institute), Dr. William Yarber (Indiana University, Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention) and Dr. Robin Milhausen (University of Guelph).

You can read more about the work of the Condom Use Research Team on the CURT Ongoing Research page and in these Kinsey Today newsletter articles:

"Does it Fit OK? Problems with Condom Use as a Function of Self-reported Poor Fit," (Winter 2010)

"Team of Kinsey Researchers Dedicated to Study of Condom Use," (Fall 2008) pdf

"New Research from The Kinsey Institute: Condom Use and Erection Loss," (Fall 2007)


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