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Davidson, J. Kenneth, and Moore, Nelwyn B. Survey Data-Set on Regional Variations in Sexual Attitudes and Behavior of College Students (2000)

“This study sought to ascertain the differences, if any, in sexual attitudes, sexual behavior, and risk-taking sexual practices of college students at four distinctly different universities: a historic Black public university; a Southern private university with a long-standing religious heritage; a Southwestern public university; and a Midwestern public university. An anonymous questionnaire was administered during regular university classes to volunteer respondents enrolled in select lower division and upper division classes. The questionnaire consisted of 127 open-ended and closed form questions in the following areas: family background, sex education, religious background, sexual attitudes, sexual behavior, contraceptive practices, sexually transmitted infection history, pregnancy history, sexual guilt, and sexual satisfaction. The data-set includes data from 1915 never-married women and 1111 never-married men.” (Davidson and Moore, May 2007)

Questionnaire and Codebook (333 KBytes)

The data-set is not directly available to external researchers, however, all qualified scholars and researchers may submit requests for computer-run analyses. Requests must list specific variables and their exact manipulation. The questionnaire and codebook is available above for free download for the selection of specific variables for statistical analysis. For ease and speed,we usually programs in SPSS. Clients may provide their own prepared SPSS jobs in order to maintain control over programming, to reduce costs and to shorten turnaround time. Output can be supplied to the client on paper, disk, or via electronic network. Programming and computer-consulting time is billed to the researcher.

For more information, terms, and conditions, please contact Thomas G. Albright, the Computer Analyst at The Kinsey Institute at:


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