The Love Wanga

alt. titleaka Ouanga, aka Crime of Voodoo, aka Drums of the Jungle
date 1935
by George Terwilliger, director; Fredi Washington, actress
medium Poster

One of the first voodoo zombie pictures ever made, The Love Wanga (1935) stars black actress Fredi Washington, famous for her roles in Imitation of Life (1934) and Emperor Jones (1933). The movie, filmed entirely in the West Indies, tells the story of a voodoo priestess who uses her magical powers to kidnap and comatose a female competitor for the affections of a white plantation owner. The film’s poster exoticizes the story while also infantilizing its black roles by referring to Washington’s character as a "Hungry Child of the Tropics." The use of the phrase "Strange Loves of Queer People" further emphasizes the otherness of the film’s black lead.