Kinsey Confidential gallery exhibit

object list

Unknown artist
Woman masturbating while man reads, mid-20th century
Graphite on paper
Anon. Art Set #25H #2
Donation date unknown

Holzer, nationality unknown
Don Giovanni (Mozart Suite), 1987
Donation date unknown

Unknown artist, Japan
Couple reading an erotic book, 19th century
Woodblock print
Donation date unknown

Unknown artist
"Good-nite Dear", mid 20th century
Donated in 1962

Bruce Barnes, United States
Always Remember Their Names, 1996
Color photograph
Donated in 1998
The AIDS quilt in front of the Washington Monument
on October 11, 1996

Unknown artist
Man preparing to penetrate woman, date unknown
Donated in 2002

Charles Chaplin, France
Woman masturbating in front of mirror, 19th century
Sanguine pencil on paper
Donated in 2002

J.D. Talasek, United States
Untitled, 2000
Gelatin silver print
Donated in 2002

Bradley J. Wicklund, United States
Paint by Number Dildos, c. 2005
Silkscreen print
Donated in 2005

Molly Springfield, United States
09.04.03 2:00 PM, c. 2003
Graphite on paper
Donated in 2005

Betsy Stirratt, United States
Tool, 1995
Gouache on paper
Donated in 2006

Michael Rosen, United States
Luisa and Rachel, 1999
Carbon pigment print
Donated in 2006

Deena des Rioux, United States
Odalisk Disk from the Robotic Erotica series, 1999
Iris print
Donated in 2006

Joe De Hoyos, United States
Alphabits, 2002
Donated in 2005

Candace Nicol, United States
Antique Erotica, 2005
Etching, aquatint and digital print
Donated in 2007

Carolyn Weltman, United Kingdom
The Very Strong Man, 2002
Mixed media
Donated in 2007

Angela N. Hunt, United States
Cherub, 2006
Color digital print
Donated in 2007

Heather K. Lewis, United States
CHE-A-Pussy, 2006
Ceramic, plastic, grass seed
Donated in 2007

Gene Greger, United States
V, 2007
Lightjet digital print
Donated in 2007

Belle Wether, United States
Seed Pod No. 6, 2004
Reproduction from original graphite drawing on mylar
Donated in 2007

Naomi Harris, United States
Thanksgiving Dinner/Big Lake, MN, 2004
Color photography
Donated in 2007

Trainer, nationality unknown
L'Adam Lascif (couple in swing), 19th-20th century
001 T768.1
Donation date unknown

Unknown artist, China
Elderly man with young woman, 19th century
Gouache and ink on paper
218Q A012.5
Donated in 1969

Unknown artist, Bali
Two men and a woman engaging in sexual activity, c. 1955
Ink on paper
224R A003.8
Donated in 1960

Unknown artist, India
Couple in coitus beside children, 20th century
Ink and watercolor on paper
238R A031
Donated in 1981

Unknown artist, Japan
Couple engaged in intercourse in water, late 19th century
Woodblock print
250R A303.4
Donation date unknown

Andrey Avinoff (1884-1949), Russia
Untitled, c1940
Watercolor and ink on board
290R Av9586.1
Donated in 1949

Unknown artist, Europe
"Oh! Darling", mid 20th century
Ink on paper
350R A093
Donated in 1965

Unknown artist, Europe
Unexpected ejaculation, c. 1925
Ink on paper
350R A156
Donated in 1946

R. Leftwick, England
Woman dancing on table, c. 1950
Watecolor, ink on paper
371R L4957.6
Donated in 1960

R. Leftwick, Britain
Men preparing to engage in anal sex, c. 1950
Graphite on paper
371R L4957.49
Donated in 1960

Cyril Satorsky, England
Racing His Snails, illustration from A Pride of Rabbis, 1970
371R S2536.1
Donated in 1972

Unknown artist, France
Couple in bed, 19th century
397Q A006.1
Donated in 1950

Paul-Emile Becat (1885-1960), France
Illustrations from Fanny Hill, 20th century
Offset print
397R B3881.2
Donated in 1969

Michel Fingesten, Germany
Ex Libris Eroticis, Don Juan, 1937
470R F4913.42
Donation 1981

Michel Fingesten, Germany
Ex Libris Eroticis, Cupid combing woman's pubic hair, c.1920s
470R F4913.113
Donation 1981

Unknown photographer for The American Social Hygiene Association
Beware of Chance Acquaintances, 1922
Printed poster
630R A016.1
Donation date unknown

Anonymous artist, United States
Forced sexual act, 1920s
630R A024.24
Donated in 1948

Unknown artist, United States
The Powers of a Woman, c. 1940
Ink on paper
630R A069.1
Donated in 1950

Judy Dater, United States
Larry and Eloise, 1964
Gelatin silver print
KIDC: 25318
Donated in 1965

Unknown photographer, United States
Baby "reading" Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, 1948
Gelatin silver print
KI-DC: 44933
Donated in 1948

Unknown photographer
Self-fellatio, c.1900
Gelatin silver print
KIDC: 51027
Donated in 1949

Library Material

Richard J. Lambert, Ph.G., M.D.
Sex Facts for Men, 1936
Franklin Publishing Company
333.4 L22s

Clyde M. Narramore, Ed.D.
Life and Love: A Christian View of Sex, 1956
Zondervan Publishing House
333.4 N23L

Eli F. Brown, M.S., M.D. and Joseph H. Greer, M.D.
A Sex Guide for Adults: Nature's Laws on the Science
of Sex and Life
, 1937
333.6 B877s

LeMon Clark, M.D. and Isadore Rubin
150 Sex Questions and Answers, 1960
Health Publications
333.6 C59

Alex Comfort
Illustrated by Charles Raymond and Christopher Foss
The Joy of Sex: A Cordon Bleu Guide to Lovemaking, 1972
Crown Publishers, Inc.
333.6 C72.J

Balvis Rubess (illustrations) and Kees Moerbeek (paper engineering)
The Pop-up Book of Sex, 2006
Melcher Media
333.6 P56 2006

Hudson Brown
The First Official Gay Handbook, 1983
Turnbull & Willoughby
532.3 B87f5 1983

Lizabeth R. Diamond
The Lesbian Primer, 1979
Women's Educational Media, Inc.
532.8 D53l6 1979

Lynn K. Hansen, Barbara Reskin, and Diana Gray
How to Have Intercourse without Getting Screwed:
A Guide to Birth Control, Abortion and Venereal Disease
, 1972
ASUW Women's Commission
613.3 H24h

Eugene E. Voltaire
Love Life: The Truth and Secrets of Human Sex Relations, 1920s
Self published
616.9 V93