Out of Russia
'My Special Longing', by Andrey Avinoff [image]
“Art is an aesthetic conception or emotion expressed by creative imagination...one may say that art is essentially transfiguration. The magic wand of imagination may barely touch the world of realities or transmute it into a dreamlike vision, but it remains the core of the creative process...”
Cover of Le Dur Désir de Durer, illustrated by Marc Chagall [image]
“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”
'Seated Man with Open Robe, by Pavel Tchelitchew [image]
“I am not ‘deliberately’ and ‘a prior decided’ kind of man. I am obsesst man – my obsessions - are t[h]reads that attach me to the hands of Mrs. Nature which she pulls and I have to obey.”
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about the exhibit

Out of Russia: the Art of Chagall, Tchelitchew, and Avinoff, an exhibit in the Kinsey Institute Gallery in 2005, explored the artworks, lives, and creativity of three Russian émigrés whose works are housed in The Kinsey Institute collection. To learn more about the three artists, Marc Chagall, Pavel Tchelitchew, and Andrey Avinoff, and to view a few selected pieces from the exhibit, please visit the artists' pages at left.

exhibited items

A full listing of items included in this exhibit is available here.