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[title bar: power of seduction]

An Exhibition in The Kinsey Institute Gallery

[Photo of Woman's legs in stockings and heels by Sheckell]
Woman's legs in stockings and heels
by Sheckell, mid 20th century, U.S.

Seduction: to lead astray, to attract or charm, to be alluring and tempting. Using this definition, Wayne Manns, an undergraduate student in museum studies at Indiana University, has curated an exhibit in The Kinsey Institute Gallery. In it, Manns captures the glance, the touch and the subtleness of seduction at work.



"The Kinsey collection of erotic objects offers a vast body of material to examine the act of seduction," says Manns. "I've included anonymous photographs, Chinese silk paintings, and a pair of tiny women's shoes, as well as 'seductive' works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, and George Platt Lynes."



[Photo of a man kissing woman's breast, 1950-55]
Man kissing woman's breast, 1950-55

The show runs through January, 2002. To tour the gallery and the Institute, contact Debby Herbenick ( at 812.855.7686.

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