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Fall 2007 Alpha Zeta Roster
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Last Name First Name Status Class Instrument
Alston Corey Member At Large &Delta&Upsilon Tenor Sax
Brown Krista Active &Delta&Rho Piccolo
Brown Marc Active &Delta&Upsilon Trumpet
Bryan Cameron Active &Delta&Tau Mellophone
Cirmo Ethan Active &Delta&Upsilon Baritone
Clemenson Laura Active &Delta&Upsilon Alto Sax
Cohn Seth Active &Delta&Phi Clarinet
Culp Stephanie Active &Delta&Omicron Clarinet
Daniels Melissa Active &Delta&Upsilon Clarinet
Dorey Kendra Active &Delta&Omicron Sousaphone
Evans Matt Active &Delta&Phi Mellophone
Goth Tim Webmaster &Delta&Rho Trombone
Grabbe Cody Alumni Secretary &Delta&Rho Clarinet
Kahn Aaron "Hanz" Conditional &Delta&Tau Percussion
Karjaka Lydia Historian &Delta&Upsilon Tenor Sax
Kasting Jayme Ritual Coordinator &Delta&Sigma Clarinet
Keith Graham Active &Delta&Xi Sousaphone
King Kyle Active &Delta&Pi Baritone
Lawrence James Treasurer &Delta&Tau Tenor Sax
Marfilius Kelsey Active &Delta&Phi Clarinet
Melson Kodi Active &Delta&Tau Piccolo
Miller Jamal Vice President &Delta&Tau Sousaphone
Miller Megan Secretary &Delta&Upsilon Trumpet
Musmanno Juliana Active &Delta&Tau Sousaphone
Ordner Ashley Banquet Chairman &Delta&Rho Mellophone
Perez Pierre Active &Delta&Phi Mellophone
Pressler Mark Active &Delta&Phi Trombone
Proctor Josh Active &Delta&Rho Tenor Sax
Reddick Jessi Active &Delta&Phi Tenor Sax
Rhoda Drew Active &Delta&Phi Percussion
Smith Jordan Active &Delta&Tau Mellophone
Smith Ryan Service Coordinator &Delta&Upsilon Mellophone
Snodgrass Hope Active &Delta&Phi Trumpet
Stollon Naomi Active &Delta&Phi Clarinet
Terrio Nick Active &Delta&Phi Alto Sax
Troy Schuyler President &Delta&Tau Clarinet
Vanore Larry Active &Delta&Tau Percussion
Whitmarsh Jessica Active &Delta&Phi Mellophone
Zimmerman Devon Active &Delta&Rho Sousaphone
Popiel Paul Sponsor
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