Founded: May 27, 1931
Alpha Zeta History

The Alpha Zeta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was founded at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana on 27 May 1931 by twenty Charter Brothers and their Director, V.E. Dillard. The following names appear on the Alpha Zeta Charter as the Alpha Class:
Alpha Zeta Charter Brothers
V.E. Dillard
James J. Pirtle
Sam Bobele
Ross Barr
James C. Kiper
Allen P. Cotton
Forrest W. Graham
Frank H. Kratli
Walter Meguschar
J.D. Oliver Miller
Edwin Hurst Miles
Robert Ralston
Paul E. Thaney
William H. Andrews, Jr.
William H. Calvert
William H. Cathcart
Frank H. Clemens, Jr.
Nicholas Havrilla
William J. Schergens
Harry W. Sommers
Joseph H. Welnack, Jr.
Alpha Zeta is presently one of the twenty-three chapters and one colony of the six state North Central District composed of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.

Since its inception in 1931 by twenty charter members, Alpha Zeta has established itself consistently as one of the finest chapters of Kappa Kappa Psi in the nation. The Membership Education Program and initiation ceremonies are held twice yearly for students fulfilling the requirements for membership. Each individual eligible for membership is invited to attend an informal meeting of the chapter at which the goals and duties of Kappa Kappa Psi are explained. The student is then invited to become a brother if the members of the chapter deem him/her capable and willing to accept the responsibility of membership.

A tragic, yet honorable moment in Alpha Zeta's history is when nine Brothers were killed in World War II. They were each named as Gold Star Members of Kappa Kappa Psi from the National Council.
  • Lt. Col. Oliver P. Robinson, Jr., USA, Honshu
  • Lt.(jg) Lawrence H. Harpold, USNR, plane crash in Virginia
  • Lt. Robert P. Keller, USA, France
  • Lt. Frank A. Kralis, USA, France
  • Capt. Charles I. Littrell, USA, France
  • Lt. Samuel Mitchell, AAF, plane crash near Houltrie, GA
  • Lt. Joseph B. Schwartzkoph, USNR, South Pacific
  • C.P.O Robert G. Taylor, USNR, Naval Hospital in Maryland
  • Lt. James H. Wangelin, Field Artillery, France
Highlights in the history of Alpha Zeta are many. Alpha Zeta had the honor of installing Gamma Pi Chapter, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana on February 23,1956. The Founder's Award, representing the outstanding Kappa Kappa Psi chapter in the nation and presented at the biennial convention of Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma was awarded to Alpha Zeta in 1959 at Tallahassee, Florida. Alpha Zeta was the first chapter to claim this award. The Theta Epsilon Chapter at the University of Kentucky was installed by Alpha Zeta in 1984.

Alpha Zeta has also been active in commissioning music for band. The most recent example is "Contraband" by Michael Schelle, premiered by the IU Symphonic Band in 1990. The chapter has also recieved a joint award for outstanding display at the 1992 North Central District Convention as well as the Superior Achievement Award for completing all requirements on the district and national level. Alpha Zeta and Rho jointly received the Outstanding Service Project Award in 1998 at the NCD Convention, for their project of moving the Department of Bands. In April of 1999, Alpha Zeta installed the Kappa Nu Chapter at Northern Illinois University.

Alpha Zeta was the first chapter in District Seven, now the North Central District, to host a district convention. This was held on the Bloomington Campus from March 30 to April 1, 1962.

Alpha Zeta is equally proud of its many distinguished honorary members.

These individuals include Dr. Herman B Wells, former President of Indiana University for thirty-three years and former Chancellor of the University; Wilfred C. Bain, former Dean of the Indiana University School of Music; Hoagy Carmichael, noted musician and composer - famous for the academy award winning "Stardust"; Maurice Shadely, a Director of Special Services for Phi Delta Kappa - Professional Education; and Dr. Elvis J. Stahr, Jr., former President of Indiana University. Forty-two other distinguished individuals complete Alpha Zeta's Honorary Roster.
The Alpha Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi was activated on 27 November 1919 at the then Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College by 10 bandsmen and their Director, Bohumil Makovsky. The ten Brothers of the Alpha Chapter Alpha Class are: A. Frank Martin, Raymond D. Shannon, Clyde Haston, Clayton Soule, Carl Stevens, William Copedge, Dick Hurst, Asher Hendrickson, Ira H. Nelson, and William Scroggs.

Alpha Zeta Timeline
1896	Formation of the first band at IU (twenty-two men)
1914	Department of Bands established
1915	IU Band becomes The Band of the First Regiment of the Indiana
	National Guard
	* IU Band travels to Mexico to entertain American troops of
	  the AEF under the command of Gen. John Pershing. 
	* IU Band receives the highest unit ranking of the state militia. 
	* During WWI, the IU campus was converted into a training center for
	  soldiers, and the IU Band plays an important role in the
	  drilling of soldiers.
1917	American soldiers return from war in Europe--IU Band roster lists
	125 musicians.
1923	The IU School of Music is organized--band members receive academic
	credit for service.
1925	John Philip Sousa visits the IU campus and declares the IU Band to
	be "the snappiest marching and playing band in the country."
1927	The famous trip to Harvard University--the IU Band spells
	out "HARVARD" in a continuous drill during the halftime
1928	"Marching Hundred" first used as the name for the IU Band
1931	Alpha Zeta chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi established at IU.
1933	"Battle of the Bands" with Purdue University
1935	Marching Hundred holds record for the fastest marching cadence--
	152 beats per minute 
1937	Marching Hundred recognized as a "best band" at the national
	level--many bands attempt to copy letter formations and
	precision drills
1940	Presidential Candidate Wendell Willkie chooses the Marching
	Hundred as his official honor guard
1941	Band activities slow because of World War II
1945	The IU Band resumes normal activities after the end of WWII
1948	Four concert units are formed within the Department of Bands
1949	Rho Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma established at Indiana University
1956	Alpha Zeta installs the Gamma Pi chapter at Purdue University
1959	Alpha Zeta is the first chapter to receive the Founder's Award
1962	Alpha Zeta is the first chapter in District Seven to host a
	district convention.
1964	Marching Hundred becomes the first Big Ten band to perform at the
	Orange Bowl Parade and in the Orange Bowl (stadium)
1965	Alpha Zeta and Rho host National Convention in August
1967	Marching Hundred performs at the Rose Bowl
	* Women admitted into the Hundred
	* RedSteppers added to the Hundred
1979	Marching Hundred performs at the Holiday Bowl
1984	Alpha Zeta installs the Theta Epsilon chapter at the University of
1986	Marching Hundred performs at the All-American Bowl
1987	Marching Hundred performs at the Peach Bowl
1988	Marching Hundred performs at the Liberty Bowl
1990	Marching Hundred performs at the Peach Bowl
1991	Marching Hundred performs at the Copper Bowl
1992	*Alpha Zeta receives the Superior Achievement Award
	*Alpha Zeta and Rho receive the Oustanding Chapter Display
	* David C. Woodley appointed director
	* Marching Hundred performs at the Independence Bowl
	* Alpha Zeta hosts the North Central District Convention
1995	The first women join the Alpha Zeta Chapter
1996	The IU Department of Bands begins a year-long centennial
	celebration of the Marching Hundred
1997	Alpha Zeta publishes the Kadenza
	* Alpha Zeta and Rho receive the Oustanding Service Project Award
	  for moving the Department of Bands
	* The IU Department of Bands adds a fourth faculty member; Dr.
	  Douglas Stotter is named as Assistant Director of Bands and
	  Assistant Director of the Marching Hundred
1999	Alpha Zeta installs the Kappa Nu chapter at Northern Illinois
2001	Alpha Zeta hosts the NCD Convention at the IMU.
2003	The Alpha Zeta Chapter wins the bid to publish the Kadenza again.
        The Alpha Zeta Chapter revises the method of choosing prospective
        members by implementing a bid process.
        * The IU Department of Bands adds a visiting faculty member; Dr. Brian K. Doyle
        * The method for choosing prospective members is revised.
        * The Alpha Zeta Chapter wins the Most Improved Chapter Award
          for the North Central District
        * The Alpha Zeta Chapter becomes a back to back winner of the Most 
          Improved Chapter Award.
        * The Alpha Zeta Chapter once again revises the method of choosing 
          prospective members, as well  as the length of the recruitment 
          process and the Membership Education Process.
        * Dr. Paul Popiel is added to the Department of Bands faculty.  
          He is named as the Assistant Director of Bands and Assistant Director 
          of the Marching Hundred.

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