What Is Knee High?

A Daycare … Cooperative?

Knee High Cooperative Daycare members are parents–students, faculty, staff of IU, and others–who contribute their time to provide care for all the children enrolled in the daycare. In return, members get a discounted rate (currently only $250/month). Knee High is operated and run by families, with members making all the decision in its operation.

There are two ways to join Knee High:

Evren SmilesBecome a Member

Knee High Cooperaitve Daycare offers a caring community for children between 6 months and 4-years-old. While preference is given to IU students, faculty members, and staff, Knee High is open to all. Run and staffed by parents, the advantages of enrolling your child in Knee High include:

  • Your voice and choice in how your child is cared for
  • Your presence in the critical, early years of your child’s life
  • Your child’s diet, sleep schedule, and more according to your wishes
  • A community of caring parents who supervise your child’s care each day
  • An affordable daycare option for your family.

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Work at Knee HighkneehighIngridEats

If you are an IU student, Knee High Cooperative Daycare offers you a job in a warm and loving community–a home away from home. We offer students:

  •  A flexible schedule that works with your classes and acitivites
  • Hands-on experience for anyone interested in working with kids in the future
  • A competitive wage with increases for veteran assistants who return each year
  • A chance to play a critical role in the lives of young families and children
  • Lots of singing, lots of laughs, and lots of cute kids!

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