Our Philosophy of Care


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of belonging to a daycare cooperative is that we strive as a group to provide our children with the same type of care and attention that we would give them at home. Knee High’s atmosphere is informal, warm, caring, sometimes chaotic, sometimes organized, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud.

The children at Knee High span a broad range of developmental stages. However, we separate the children only when specific activities are not suited to some children. For example, babies do not participate in crafts until they prefer drawing or painting to eating crayons.

Most of the time, the children are free to move about the play areas, and to choose who and what they play with. Activities such as going for a walk, doing a craft, learning a song or playing a game are often suggested, but not usually imposed. We do not have a formal teaching mission. Children at these ages learn all day long through play and exploration, at their own pace, with our encouragement and support.

Of course, we must impose some structure and guidelines. Play activities fit into a daily routine of meals, snacks and naps. We also try to teach the children to respect each other and the adults around them. We encourage the children to share toys, take turns, resolve disputes verbally, and prevent the children from hurting or endangering themselves or each other.

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Knee High is not right for all families. As a student group of Indiana University, Knee High is only available to IU students, staff, and faculty members.

And while our low rate may seem appealing, families make up for that reduced fee with time and work to ensure Knee High provides outstanding care.

Things to consider before applying:

  • Fees are currently $250 per month, with a one-month key deposit
  • Member families must work two 5-hour shifts each week throughout the year as long as IU is open
  • Members families have additional responsibilities, including meetings and outside jobs
  • Families are expected to make a one-year commitment (after an initial probationary period)
  • You’ll be caring for other family’s children. That means using disciplinary approaches
  • You’ll have to follow Knee High’s critical policies as they relate to your shifts, child illnesses, and others

Some benefits of membership:

  • You’ll be part of a community, one cares for each other and often provides support to each other outside of Knee High
  • Your child will eats what you want, sleeps when you’d like, and will be cared for in a way you decide.
  • You’ll play an affordable rate that is hard to beat
  • You’ll receive quality care for your child from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • You’ll be part of your child’s life during critical developmental stages
  • Your child’s daycare will be a clean and safe environment close to the IU Bloomington campus

To learn more, please schedule a tour of Knee High. Lastly, give us a call at 812-855-0150. Please keep in mind that if you do call, we might be busy caring for children and may not be be able to answer all your questions.


Ready to Join Knee High?

Please fill out our application. However, we highly recommend that every family schedule a tour of our facility first. Additionally, please be sure you are an IU student, faculty member, or staff member.

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