Being Part of a Cooperative

Life in a Cooperative

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Being part of a cooperative means working with others toward a common goal. In the case of Knee High, this means providing quality care for all of Knee High’s children.

At times, being part of a cooperative also means being flexible in your own views and hearing out others who may have a different approach to a problem or a different perspective than yours on an issue.

Patience is also a must. Because we are a cooperative, we value all viewpoints and coming to consensus can take time. What might seem as an obvious choice to you, may require others to wait and think. This is, perhaps, one of the deficiencies of having everyone’s voice heard, but that is the nature of the cooperative experience.

While disagreement is also part of the cooperative experience, incivility is not. Being part of a cooperative means we should always be polite and civil to our fellow members and assistants no matter how strongly we feel about an issue.

Members should always assume that whomever they disagree with shares a common goal of providing outstanding care for Knee High’s children.

What is not part of the Knee High experience is racism, sexism, or any form of religious or sexual-lifestyle intolerance. Instances of such intolerance could lead to your being asked to leave the cooperative.