Your Role at Knee High


A woman smiles as two children hug each other.

A parent at Knee High plays with two children

The short answer: just about everything.

Primarily, members are responsible for their two 5-hour shifts each week, which entails caring for up to 12 children. That means diapers, feeding, fun, discipline, walks, cleaning, and a whole lot more.

We cannot emphasize enough, your family is solely responsible for your shifts. That means your primary shift worker or secondary shift worker must show up for every shift you are assigned.

  • You’ll have to provide our scheduler with four five-hour slots each week to help him/her organize our work schedule
  • While you can swap shifts with other families, you should plan try to plan family/work trips for times in which Knee High is closed. Knee High is open when IU is open (including summer sessions).
  • Your family’s shift-workers do not have to be parents. But only those people who have completed Knee High’s background checks and training can work for your family. IU calendar link
  • As parent members, you are in charge of your shifts. You’re the managers. You will lead your assistant workers and make all the decisions.
  • Shifts are/should be hard work.