Work at Knee High

What’s it Like to Work at Knee High?

Working at Knee High is fun.

It’s chaotic, loud, loving, and never dull. It’s kids–yes it’s diapers and tantrums. But it’s also tender moments and a chance, in a very real way, to help children grow and to give new parents the chance to pursue their careers and studies at IU.

A young woman, a Knee High assistant, hugs a toddler girl

An assistant gets the best reward for her care

Why you should work here:

  • You love kids.
  • You like to work in a caring environment
  • Planning to work with kids (or have some of your own)? Knee High provides hands-on experience
  • Do you miss your little brothers or sisters? We’ve got hugs to spare.
  • We get your need for a flexible schedule that fits your classes
  • Work that means the world to the kids your care for and their parents

A young woman, a worker at Knee High, reads to a young boy

Reading time!

What we expect:

  • Responsible people who show up on time when scheduled
  • Patient caregivers who like to engage children with play and fun
  • Someone willing to pick up a child and give them a hug when she/he needs it most
  • Assistants who watch their kids instead of watching the clock (or their phones)

Learn More About Working at Knee High

Read the Knee High Employee Manual

Ready to Apply?

Fill out the Knee High Application

While not required, Knee High supports hiring students who have Work Study funding. We may be even to help you obtain funding if you quailify. You can learn more at the IU student aid office.