Concordance Order References

In the smooth category, Jabuka and Naik showed, using Heegaard Floer homology, that many knots of algebraic concordance order 4 are of order at least 6 in the smooth concordance group. Using related methods, Grigsby, Ruberman and Strle showed many two-bridge knots are of infinite order.
The 2-bridge knots shown to have infinite order by GRS are the following:
8_13, 9_14, 9_19, 10_10, 10_13, 10_26, 10_28, 10_34, 11a_13, 11a_84, 11a_91, 11a_93, 11a_110, 11a_119, 11a_175, 11a_180, 11a_185, 11a_190, 11a_195, 11a_210, 11a_333, 12a_0169, 12a_0197, 12a_0204, 12a_0243, 12a_0303, 12a_0307, 12a_0380, 12a_0385, 12a_0437, 12a_0482, 12a_0497, 12a_0518, 12a_0532, 12a_0550, 12a_0579, 12a_0583, 12a_0585, 12a_0596, 12a_0644, 12a_0650, 12a_0690, 12a_0691, 12a_0728, 12a_0736, 12a_0744, 12a_0758, 12a_0774, 12a_0792, 12a_0803, 12a_1024, 12a_1129, 12a_1130, 12a_1139, 12a_1140, 12a_1146, 12a_1148, 12a_1166

Lisca has completed the determination of the smooth concordance orders of 2-bridge knots.

Adam Levine has shown the following knots have infinite smooth concordance order, building on the work of Grigsby, Ruberman, and Strle:
9_30, 9_33, 9_44, 10_58, 10_60, 10_102, 10_119, 10_135, 11a_4, 11a_8, 11a_11, 11a_24, 11a_26, 11a_30, 11a_52, 11a_56, 11a_67, 11a_76, 11a_80, 11a_88, 11a_126, 11a_160, 11a_167, 11a_170, 11a_189, 11a_233, 11a_249, 11a_257, 11a_265, 11a_270, 11a_272, 11a_287, 11a_288, 11a_289, 11a_300, 11a_303, 11a_315, 11a_350, 11n_12, 11n_48, 11n_53, 11n_55, 11n_110, 11n_114, 11n_130, 11n_165,

Paolo Lisca has determined that the 10_91, 12_a1199, 12_a1222, 12_a1231, and 12_a1258, have infinite concordance order.

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