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H205: Rational Decision Making


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Noretta Koertge                           
104 Goodbody Hall                        
855-3622 (Can leave message with Secretary)                              
Required Textbook:
- Scott Plous, The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
Readings will also be posted on a password protected IU Library electronic reserve site:

Course Requirements:
- Regular attendance (three unexcused absences)
- Keep up with the readings
- Participation in discussions
- Weekly Homework Assignments
- Exams

- 60% exams
- 30% homework
- 10% oral contributions

- Missed exams cannot be made up without an official excuse.
- Late homework will only be accepted with an official excuse.
- You are encouraged to study together, but no copying is allowed on either homework assignments or exams.
- All assignments will be posted on the web. If there are changes in the schedule, you will be notified by e-mail.


I will often post on the web copies of the overheads used in lectures.
However, the web copies are old and may not exactly match what is presented in class.