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Honors 205: Assignments for Scientific Reasoning
Revised April 16, 2011


Assignments for Unit I:

Jan 13
Casey Chapt I (Discuss Exercises #1-5)
NKText Chapt 2 (Notes on Exercises A-E)

Jan 18
NKText Chapt 2 (Notes on F-K)

Jan 20
NKText Chapt 2 (Turn in Review Exercises)

Jan 25
Casey Chapt II (Discuss #1-16)
NKText Chapt 1 (Notes on A-C)

Jan 27
Read http://www.stephenjaygould.org/ctrl/popper_falsification.html
NKText Chapt 3 (Make notes on A-D. Prepare to ask questions on confusing topics.)

Feb 1
Study Guide 3 (Turn in all five Written Exercises) (Remember that the two pages where these exercises appear were collated incorrectly.)
As a review for the test also read Study Guide 1 and 2 and end of chapter summaries in Casey chapters I and II.

Feb 3


Assignments for Unit II:

Week 5: Read NKText Chapt 4, Carey Chapt 3, Study Guide 6
Feb. 10: Prepare to discuss Carey Chapt 3; ask questions about stringent tests, etc.

Week 6: Read NKText Chapt 6, Study Guide 7
Feb. 15: Turn in HW for NKText Chapt 4

Week 7: Read Study Guide 8; read Drake, Preface, Intro, (skip or skim Chapter 1), Chapters 2 - 4; begin
Letter to Grand Duchess Christina
Feb. 22: Turn in Review Questions from NKText Chapter 6

Week 8: Read “Letter to Grand Duchess Christina” and finish Drake, Chapt. 5
March 3: Turn in HW on Galileo's Letter

Week 9: Review and EXAM #2
March 8: Read first four pages of McCloskey_IntuitivePhysics.pdf
March 10: EXAM #2


Assignments for Unit III:

Week 10: Read the first ten pages of Carey, Chapt. 5 and Giere on Margin of Error, etc.
Mar. 24 (Thursday): Turn in Exercises #1 - 5, and #8 - 10 on pages 92-93 of Carey (end of Chapt. 5)

Week 11: Finish reading Carey, Chapt. 5 and Giere on Causal Studies, etc.
Mar. 29 (Tuesday) Turn in answers to Exercises #12 and 13 on Carey, p. 93. However, your answers need not
be as elaborate as Carey's sample answer to #11 on p. 101. All you need to do is describe the structure of possible
randomized, prospective, and retrospective studies, in a manner similar to the chewing gum example from lecture. (You needn't consider his four critical questions.)
Mar. 31 (Thursday) Turn in answers to Exercises #19 and 20 on Carey, p. 95. This time you should follow Carey's
sample analysis on p. 89.

Week 12:
April 5: Review for the exam by jotting down notes triggered by this Concept Quiz from the new edition of Carey
and reviewing the Key Concepts on the introductory handout introducing statistical generalizations.
April 7: EXAM #3


Assignments for Unit IV:

Week 13:
April 12 (Tuesday):Prepare answers to Nuland Assignment #1.
April 14 (Thursday):Prepare answers to Nuland Assignment #2.

Week 14:
April 19 (Tuesday):Prepare answers to Nuland Assignment #3.
Recommended reading: Gillies, Donald, "Hempelian and Kuhnian approaches in the philosophy of medicine: the Semmelweis case," Stud. Hist. Phil. Biol & Biomed. Sci. 36 (2005) 159-181.

Week 15: Casey, Chapter 6 (details to follow)
Instructions for optional take-home exam,
Links to the four reviews/discussions of Nuland book:

1. Carter, K. Codell (Kay Codell). Review.
·  The Doctors' Plague: Germs, Childbed Fever, and the Strange Story of Ignác Semmelweis
2. Loudon, Irvine. Review.

3. Horton, Richard. Review.

4.‘The Fool of Pest’: An Exchange (Scroll to bottom of the Table of Contents.)
March 25, 2004


Optional Take-Home Exam Due: Friday, April 29

The grade on this optional assignment may be substituted for your lowest exam grade.
Even if you don't write out answers and turn it in, you might well find the readings a useful review.

Exam #4: Tuesday, May 3, 10:15 am

The last exam covers the Semmelweis case and topics related to Casey, Chapter 5.
Two hours are scheduled for this exam but it probably will take you no longer than previous exams
and it counts no more towards your grade.
Please note: You may bring to the exam your three Nuland worksheets plus a 4x6" note card
concerning Casey, Chapter 6 topics. (These will be turned in at the end of the exam, but not graded.)