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Instructions for Essay #1

Length: approx. 2-3 pages (approx. 400-600 words, not including bibliography)

Footnote/references: When you refer to or rely heavily on either printed or electronic sources, use a standard formatting style, such as the MLA or APA styles found at http://www.libraries.iub.edu/index.php?pageId=337

Mode of submission: Turn in a hardcopy of your essay on the day assigned. You are also encouraged to turn in an electronic version as an e-mail attachment. If you don't know how to do attachments consultants in the computer clusters can help you.

Topic: We began the course by talking about plagiarism in a variety of contexts and looking at a variety of reasons why it might be considered in violation of professional ethics. For this essay, use what you've learned to discuss the issue of so-called Self Plagiarism. (Here is an example of self plagiarism. The Dictionary of Scientific Biography contains short articles on lots of scientists. Author A is asked to write an entry on a French scientist who did important work but is not well known in the English speaking world. Author A draws heavily on the obituary of the scientist that he wrote for a Canadian newspaper. The style guide for authors discourages long quotations and encourages authors to include in the bibliography only important sources that are readily available, so the author does not refer to the obituary.) In your essay you need not discuss this particular example.

Final comment: I am not asking you to do research before you write this essay. You may rely entirely on materials introduced in class. What I am mainly looking for is a good analysis of an ethical dilemma and a clear exposition of the arguments involved. This assignment also gives you a chance to learn one standard way to do references.

If you wish you may use the Writing Tutorial Services offices on campus at any stage of this assignment. The main office is in Ballantine Hall 206 (855-6738). See their web site for other venues and more details: