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Hon204: Research Ethics
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Noretta Koertge                          
104 Goodbody Hall                        

Required Textbooks:
- Scientific Integrity, Francis L. Macrina
- Research Ethics: Cases & Materials, edited by Robin Levin Penslar

Course Requirements:
- Regular attendance (no more than three unexcused absences)
- Keep up with the readings
- Participation in discussions and debates
- Oral presentations, drawing primarily on web-based research
- A variety of essays (2-5 pages) and one regular research paper (10 -12 pages)

- 50% for written assignments
- 30% for oral presentations
- 20% based on informal class participation

- Late homework will only be accepted with an official excuse.
- You are encouraged to study together, but no copying is allowed on written assignments.
- All assignments will be either sent by e-mail or posted on the web. It is your responsibility to check your e-mail and the web site at least every week.

- Spring Break is the second full week of March.
- There will be NO Final Exam. Your last assignment will be due on or before noon on Tuesday, April 29.