Recent Research Documents

Saga of my AEI paper, "Political Correctness in Science Education."

History of the Classification of Elements, prepared for an encyclopedia for High School students.

The Moral Underpinings of Popper's Philosophy

A Bouquet of Scientific Values, forthcoming in Scientific Values and Civic Virtues, edited by Noretta Koertge. (Oxford University Press, 2005)

A Methodological Critique of the Semantic View of Theories, submitted to Colin Cheyne, ed., Festschrift for Alan Musgrave (forthcoming)

"New Age" Philosophies of Science: Constructivism, Feminism and Postmodernism, in Brit. J. Phil. Sci. (2000)

Postmodernist Transformations of the Problem of Scientific Literacy, in Towards Scientific Literacy

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore, talk given in an HPS Colloquium

Science and Multiculturalism, talk given at a conference on Science and Culture

Gender and the Geneology of Scientific Discoveries, to appear in Scrutinizing Feminism

Feminist Values and the Value of Science, to appear in Scrutinizing Feminism

Review of K.R. Popper, Myth of the Framework
Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science

Feminist Epistemology: Beating an Un-dead Horse", in:
Flight from Science and Reason, edited by Paul Gross, Norman Levitt, and Martin Lewis (New York Academy of Sciences, 1996)

Wrestling with the Social Constructor, in Ibid.

"The Feminist Critique [Repudiation] of Logic'. Unpublished ms.


Older Research Documents

Theories of Scientific Progress (Partial Ms.)

Popper and Dewey on Problems (Partial Ms.)

The Importance of Scientific Problems (Partial Ms.)

The Nature of Scientific Inquiry Textbook (Partial Ms.)