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K301 Third Year Korean 1
Fall 2015

Table of Contents

1. Instructor
2. Class meeting
3. Course objectives
4. Course material
5. Assessment
6. Syllabus
7. On-line Dictionary

8. Korean facebook

Instructor: Yunseong Cheon

Office: Global & International Studies Building (GA) 2039
Phone: 855-7171

E-mail: yuncheon@indiana.edu

Office Hours: M 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. or by appointment

Class meetings


  • (Section 33724) TR 1:25 - 2: 15 p.m. Ballentine Hall (BH) 241

Drill Section:

  • (Section 3290) MWF 1:25 - 2:15 p.m. Global & International Studies (GA) 0011

Course objectives
K301 is the first semester of Third Year Korean at the advanced-Intermediate level. The goal is to equip students with proficiency in all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing, beyond the intermediate level. The course is largely content- and task-based, and deal with short passages on various topics. Particularly it focuses on Particularly focused on enhancing will be enhancing interpretive and presentational communication (e.g. extracting main ideas from given texts, discussing thoughts related to the main ideas) as well as interpersonal communiation.

Course material:
Modern Korean: An Intermediate Reader (MKIR) by Nam-Kil Kim (2000), University of Hawaii Press.

Supplement readings and activity handouts will be given. (A binder is required to keep handouts and writing assignments throughout the semester.)

Students will be evaluated for the final grade based on the following criteria:
Class Attendance* 10%
Participation 10%
Chapter Quizzes 12%
Vocab Quizzes 10%
Dictation Quizzes 5%
Oral Test 5%
Homework Assignments ** 12%
Midterm Exam 12%
Final Project 12%

Written Final Exam:

December 17 (Thursday) 10:15 a.m. -12:15 p.m.


* Excessive abssences may result in lowering grade further than the grade earned. More than 3 absences will lower one grade scale and every 3 absences thereafter will lower another grade scale. Absences may be excused if a written proof of inevitable circumstances (e.g. doctor's notes, police reports, parents' notes, performance schedule, job interview schedule, etc.) is provided. In any circumstances, no more than 5 excuses will be granted.

Extra credit will be given for excellent attendance record and participation in the Korean culture events on campus.

Those who have the perfect attendance record (no absence) will get awarded 5 days of Extra credit (a little bit more than 1% of the total grade); if your absence is zero due to the excuses granted, the number of excuses will be deducted from the 5 days of extra credit.

**Homework must be handed in at the beginning of the class. The homework submitted after the class is counted as a late homework. Late homework must be handed in within a week from the deadline: the maximum point for late homework will be 10% less for each day delayed.

 Grades will be assigned based on the following scale:
below 60

There will be no makeup exam unless provided with a written proof for a justifiable reason. The make-up exam must be taken within a week.

Using Korean language facebook (optional):

Every week, a topic will be posted on Korean language student group in Facebook. You will get extra-credits for your participationgrade to post a message in Korean.

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Academic Integrity:

As a student at IU, you are expected to adhere to the standards and policies detailed in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct (Code). When you submit an assignment with your name on it, you are signifying that the work contained therein is yours, unless otherwise cited or referenced. Any ideas or materials taken from another source for either written or oral use must be fully acknowledged. If you are unsure about the expectations for completing an assignment or taking a test or exam, be sure to seek clarification beforehand. All suspected violations of the Code will be handled according to University policies. Sanctions for academic misconduct may include a failing grade on the assignment, reduction in your final course grade, a failing grade in the course, among other possibilities, and must include a report to the Dean of Students, who may impose additional disciplinary sanctions.


Disability Services for Students:

Every attempt will be made to accommodate qualitifed students with disabilities (e.g. mental health, learning, chronic health, physical, hearing, vision, neurological, etc.). You must have established your eligibility for support services through Disability Services for Students. Note that services are confidential, may take time to put into place and are not retroactive; Captions and alternate media for print materials may take three or more weeks to get produced. Please contact Disability Services for Students athttp://diasbilityservices.indiana.edu or 812-855-7578 as soon as possible if accommodations are needed. The office is located on the third floor, west tower, of the Wells Library, Room W302. Walk-ins are welcome 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. You can also locate a variety of campus resources for students and visitors that need assistance at:http://www.iu.edu/~ada/index.shtml

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