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K401/501 FourthYear Korean 1
Fall 2014 (Sec.

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Hyo Sang Lee
E-Mail: korean@indiana.edu
Office: Goodbody Hall 229
Phone: 855-8721
Office Hours: M, W 2:30-3:30 or by appointment

Class meeting: MWF 2:40-3:30, Ballantine Hall (BH) 241

Course objectives
K401/501 is the first semester of Fourth Year Korean, Advanced level. The goal is to equip students with proficiency in all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the advanced level. The course will deal with authentic expository writings (some are slightly tailored to fit the level) on various topics. The course is largely content-based and task-based. Particularly focused on will be enhancing ability to advance one's opinion as well as discussing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Expanding one's vocabulary of more complex and abstract concepts is also a main goal of this course.

 The weekly schedule consists of three parts: pre-lesson activities, main text activities, and post-lesson activities (vocabulary and pattern exercises, writing exercises, further reading activities, etc.)

Course material:
Integrated Korean: Advanced-Intermediate 1:

 Students are expected to read all the main texts and be prepared for in-class tasks and discussion. Students are also responsible for learning vocabulary and useful expressions.

Students will be evaluated for the final grade based on the following criteria:

Class attendance*: 10%
ClassParticipation: 5%
Chapter Quizzes: 15%
Homework Assignments: 10%
Vocabulary and dictation Quizzes 5%
Vocabulary and dictation Quizzes 5%
Midterm: TBA 15%
Oral performances and presentations: 10%
Oral Final Exam: 5%
Written Final Exam: 2:45-4:45 p.m., Mon., December 15 20%

* Excessive abssences may result in lowering grade further than the grade earned. More than 3 absences will lower one grade scale and every 3 absences thereafter will lower another grade scale. Absences may be excused if a written proof of inevitable circumstances (e.g. doctor's notes, police reports, parents' notes, performance schedule, job interview schedule, etc.) is provided. In any circumstances, no more than 5 excuses will be granted.

Extra credit will be given for excellent attendance record and participation in the Korean culture events on campus.

Those who have the perfect attendance record (no absence) will get awarded 5 days of Extra credit (a little bit more than1% of the total grade); if your absence is zero due to the excuses granted, the number of excuses will be deducted from the 5 days of extra credit.

**Homework must be handed in at the beginning of the class. The homework submitted after the class is counted as a late homework. Late homework must be handed in within a week from the deadline: the maximum point for late homework will be 10% less for each day delayed.

 Grades will be assigned based on the following scale:
97% + A+
93 - 96.9 A
90 - 92.9 A-
87 - 89.9 B+
83 - 86.9 B
80 - 82.9 B-
77 - 79.9 C+
73 - 76.9 C
70 - 72.9 C-
67 - 69.9 D+
63 - 66.9 D
60 - 62.9 D-
59.9 & less 

There will be no makeup exam unless provided with a written proof for a justifiable reason.

Assignments may be assigned a grade roughly on the following scale:
√++ (100%), (++) (95%), + (90%), (+) (85%), (80%),(-) (75%),

- (70%), (--) (65%), -- (60%)