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K401/501 Fourth-Year Korean 1
Fall 2013 (Sec.

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Instructor: Jungsoo Kim
E-Mail: jukim@indiana.edu
Office: Goodbody Hall 329
Phone: 855-7171
Office Hours: M, W 1:20-2:20pm or by appointment

Class Meeting: MWF 2:30-3:20pm, WH 203

Course Objectives
K401/501 is the first semester of Fourth-Year Korean, Advanced level. The goal is to equip students with proficiency in all four language skills, speaking, listening, reading, and writing in the advanced level. The course will deal with authentic expository writings (some slightly tailored to fit the level) on various topics. The course is largely content- based and task-based. Particular focuse will be on enhancing ability to advance one's opinion as well as discussing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Expanding one's vocabulary to include more complex and abstract concepts is also a main goal of this course.

Course Material
Integrated Korean: Advanced-Intermediate
2 (KLEAR Textbooks). University of Hawaii Press

Grade Breakdown
Students will be evaluated for the final grade based on the following criteria:

Class Attendance 10%
Participation 5%
Chapter Quizzes 20%
Homework Assignments: 30%
Presentation: 5%
Oral Final Exam: 10%
Written Final Exam: 5:00-7:00pm, Monday, December 16 20%

1. Class Attendance: Every 5 absences will result in a one-level grade reduction. No exuses will be allowed without written proof of the circumstances (e.g. doctor's notes, police reports, performance schedule, job interview schedule). No more than 5 excuses will be granted, under any circumstance.

2. Participation: Students are expected to read all the main texts and be prepared for in-class tasks and discussion. Students also are responsible for learning vocabulary and useful expressions. When students are unprepared for class activities and questions from the instructor, duductions will be made to participation scores.

3. Chapter Quizzes: After each chapter is covered, there will be a chapter quiz. Chapter quizzes will be based on the textbook and web materials covered in the textbook chapter. There will be no makeup exam unless a written proof for a justifiable reason is provided.

4. Presentation: There will be one 10-15 minute presentation.

5. Oral Final Exam: At the end of the semester, students will be expected to converse with the instructor on the topics covered in class. Accuracy of pronunciation, fluency, correct usage and the number of vocabulary and expressions as well as how much they know about the topic will be checked. Students are expected to ask questions as well as answer the questions asked by the instructor. Failure to initiate the conversation will lead to a deduction.

6. Extra Credit: Each instance of participation in Korean-related events will earn 2 points toward chapter quiz scores up to 10 points. All PowerPoint slides used in class and all additional course materials will be posted on Oncourse.

Grades will be assigned based on the following scale:

97% + A+
93 - 96.9 A
90 - 92.9 A-
87 - 89.9 B+
83 - 86.9 B
80 - 82.9 B-
77 - 79.9 C+
73 - 76.9 C
70 - 72.9 C-
67 - 69.9 D+
63 - 66.9 D
60 - 62.9 D-
59.9 & less 

There will be no make up exam unless provided with a written proof for a justifiable reason.

Assignments will be graded on the scale of 1 to 10.

IMPORTANT: If you have a question or need help in any area, contact me (your instructor) right away. Do not wait until the end of the semester. I am here to help you!

*This syllabus is based upon Professor Hyo Sang Lee's K401/501 syllabus. Some modifications have been made.