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Preparing for Oral Exam
The Oral Exam for K102 will be conducted in a format in which you and the interviewer are engaged in free spontaneous conversation.

You will be scored on five criteria:

(i) Comprehension: has to do with how well you understand what's going on in the conversation.

(ii) Fluency: how smoothly you produce your utterance, not the speed of it.

(iii) Accuracy: how you command your grammar, vocabulary and expressions accurately.

(iv) Spontaneity: you will score better if you spontaneously initiate conversation rather than passively responding to the questions given to you.

(v) Uses of grammar: how well you utilize the grammar and expressions you have learned in this class, and how creatively use them.


1.Daily activities (Warm up from Last semester)

2. Past events and future plans:

3. Life in general:

4, Family:

5. About your town and residence:

6. Describe your neigbor:

Role play:

  1. Giving direction: I am looking for a libary at your university. Give me the direction to the library. [Lesson 7, Conversation 2 as a model]

  2. Visiting your professor at his/her office with regard to your homework/exam/grade/major. [Lesson 8, Conversation 1 as a model]

  3. Bring a color photo of your family (if possible) or your friends. Describe the photo to me (Lesson 10, Narration as a model)