Mission Statement

International Student Services (ISS) is committed to the unique personal and educational goals and needs of the diverse international community at IU Kokomo. ISS strives to assist international students with cultural adjustment, transition to US classroom culture, and meeting academic requirements by a strong focus on English proficiency. ISS is also committed to providing all students with opportunities for cross-cultural learning and collaboration. Among all IU Kokomo students, ISS endeavors to promote awareness, perspectives, and understanding of international cultures to cultivate informed global citizenship.

ISS accomplishes this mission in many ways:

  • Providing international students with specialized ESL tutoring as needed.
  • Providing periodic writing seminars to give more in-depth instruction designed to meet the special needs of international students.
  • Assisting with linkages to needed resources.
  • Encouraging students to join an on-campus international student organization.
  • Helping international students to connect with other on-campus student organizations and events.
  • Administering programs that bring greater understanding of social and cultural issues.
  • Exploring and implementing new ways for international students and faculty to serve as a resource to the campus and community for cultural diversity and awareness of global issues.
  • Providing international students with off-campus field trip opportunities to stimulate dialogue and raise cultural awareness.