Linguistics L541                                                                                           Introductory Phonetics

Spring, 2016                                                                                                de Jong / Weirich


L541: Introductory Phonetics

Lab Sessions


General Info


Contact Information

Lab Sessions:

Memorial 401

Phillip Weirich


Th, 2:303:45

Email: pweirich@...

Office: MM 406


F, 9:30–10:45

F, 11:1512:30

Office Hours: Tuesday 3:004:00

                   Thursday    10:00—11:00






Lab Goals

Lab sessions are designed to provide a comfortable environment for individual and group discussion about L541 class topics and assignments. This includes giving students a chance to practice using new tools and methods, work through concepts, ‘try out new sounds, etc.


Lab Website

Please visit the L541 course and lab websites regularly for updates on class information regarding the lab sessions. Assignments and materials connected with lab sessions will be uploaded on a weekly basis.


A lot of useful resources can also be found on the Indiana University Phonetics Lab website


Lab Activities and Requirements

       Weekly homework assignments: There will be several weekly homework assignments related to course topics and projects. Assignments may involve transcriptional analyses of speech, data analyses, experimental design, etc.

-  Weekly homework assignments can be downloaded from the lab website, in the Homework

  Assignments column in the Lab Schedule.

-  Homework will typically be due one week after being assigned, but specific due dates will be given with each assignment.

-  Homework assignments will be collected in lab.

-  Working on homework assignments with other class members is permitted, but the work you turn in should be your own.

       Group project with individual write-up: Part of lab time will be dedicated to the discussion of topics related to the term project. Information regarding the project will be posted on the lab website in the Project Timeline and Requirements column in the Lab Schedule. You will be able to find links to the Overall Project Guidelines and step-by-step instructions and deadlines.

       Transcription Exams: In addition to the mid-term and final exams, there will be two transcription exams during lab sessions. The dates of all exams are marked in both the lab and course schedules.

_  Transcription Exam I: February 25/26

_  Transcription Exam II: April 7/8

       Participation: Active participation is essential to making the lab sessions both informative and fun! Participation includes not only sharing in group discussions, but a willingness to make 'funny' sounds, to observe your own and others' articulations, and to experience hands-on trial and error use of instrumentation.


Policy on Late Work

All late assignments will be penalized. Late work turned in up to one week after the due date will receive up to 50% total credit for the assignment. After one week, no credit will be received for the assignment. If you have a valid reason for not being able to hand in your assignment on time, please contact Professor de Jong and me.

Schedule: All Topics are Tentative (except for exam dates). Please check the lab website regularly for updates.





General Topics



Project Timeline & Requirements


Jan 14/15


Lab Overview

Introduction to Praat, R, LaTeX, and IPA (they are things). Wavesurfer is an alternative to Praat.


Week 1 Slides

HW 1


Start to think about topics/groups


Getting started (pdf)

Step 1: Groups and Draft Sketch (pdf)

Tips for Topics (pdf)

Timeline (pdf)


Jan 21/22

IRB Basics

Consonant Transcription

Vocal Tract Anatomy (supra-laryngeal)

Praat: Exercise Sentence



Week 2 Slides

HW 2





Jan 28/29

Vowel Transcription

Praat: Recording and Text Grids


English Vowels.pdf

AE Vowels.wav

BE Vowels.wav

Vowel Transcription “Answers”


Week 3 Slides

HW 3



Due: Draft Sketch

Submit by email to both Prof. de Jong and Phillip by 5 pm (and CC group members)


Feb 4/5

Narrow Transcription

Cardinal Vowels

      Daniel Jones

Praat: Concatenate Files

Vowel Measurements

Auditory Plotting


Week 4 Slides

HW 4


Decide on and refine research question

     -- Step 2: Final Sketch




Feb 11/12

Non-English Transcription

Praat: Extract and plot vowel midpoints (manual)

Intro to Scripting

HW 5


Plotting in Excel

Download: R and RStudio

Due: Sketch approval

Submit by email to both Prof. de Jong and Phillip by 5 pm (and CC group members)


Feb 18/19

Laryngeal Transcription

Aerodynamics and Pulmonic System

R: Intro to R Language


Importing Data

Plotting Vowels

HW 6

Work on Research Prospectus laying out procedure for project

     -- Step 3: Prospectus

     -- Sample Prospectus


Due: Human Subjects IRB CITI Training


Feb 25/26

Transcription Exam I


Due: Draft of Research Prospectus


Mar 3/4

(Mid-term: in class Wed.) Larynx Anatomy

Experimental Design (Praat, PsychoPy, others?)


HW 7

Revise Research Prospectus incorporating feedback & trial runs

     --Step 4: Final Prospectus


Mar 10/11

Tone and Intonation


Estimating F0

R: Plotting, Graphs, Labels, Legends


Due: Final Research Prospectus

                                                              Spring Break (Mar 13-20)


Mar 24/25

Source Acoustics

HW 8

Run experiments

     --Step 5: Data Collection


Mar 31

Apr 1

Spectrographic Analysis

F0 estimation

HW 9

Perform measurements and analyses

     --Step 6: Measurement and Analysis


Due: Data collection done, e.g. recordings


Apr 7/8

Transcription Exam II


HW 10


Due: Measurement and Analysis Scheme


Apr 14/15

Project Work


Complete analyses and work through conclusions


Apr 21/22

Project Work


Due: Summary Figures


Apr 28/29

Project Work


Final Project Due!

                                                          Final Exam: Mon., May 2: 10:15 12:15





***Please see the L541 course syllabus for all official requirements, grading procedures, and schedule.