Ways to find available scholarships:

Using scholarships to help pay for college is a terrific idea, because you don't have to repay them. Start searching early, and be persistent.

Other options include:

  • Type “scholarships” into any online search engine. This will likely result in a long list of scholarship sites for you to narrow down.
  • Visit your high school counselor or college resource center to research any local or school-specific scholarships.
  • Check out scholarship reference books in a library or bookstore; make sure you locate the most current edition.
  • If you attend or are thinking of attending a specific college, visit that school's website or call their admission's office to determine if they offer any scholarships.
  • Be community-minded. Does your church, bank, or other civic organization offer scholarships?
  • Fill out all scholarship applications neatly and completely, and always apply ahead of the deadlines.

Additional Resources:

Office of Scholarships
Hudson & Holland Scholars Program
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Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
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Hispanic College Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Institute
Latino College Dollars
Scholarships for Hispanics
College Board
College View
Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. Scholarship for Young Hispanic Leaders
FED Student Aid on Web
Gates Millennium Scholars
Hispanic Heritage Awards
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Hispanic Women in Leadership
Hotels Cheap
International Education Financial Aid
Indiana Latino Institute, Inc.
'Lanzate/Take Off'
Migrant Student Scholarships
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
National Association of Hispanic Nurses
Rachel Di Pietro-James Scholarship
SADCO Scholarship
World Learning
21st Century Scholars Program
College Scholarships
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute Scholarships
Scholarships for Immigrant Students

Beware: Scholarships are "free money," so you should never have to pay money to get them. Watch out for scholarship scams or companies that require a credit card number just to perform a search. Save the money and do it yourself! Go to for more details on scholarship scams and how to report them.