Events and activities held throughout the year are open to everyone. You can view a list of programs in La Casa's Event Page.

Examples of programs we host every year:

Latino Retreat: Usually held on the second weekend of the fall semester, this event provides an opportunity for new and returning students to connect with each other, develop skills and begin identifying support systems for the coming school year.

Colectiva Dinners: The goal of the Colectiva Dinners, which are held once a month is to provide opportunity for Latino students to meet new and returning students, foster a sense of community and discuss issues that impact Latina/os on campus and beyond.

Hombre IU-Latino Male Initiative: Through interactions with other Latino men in the IU community, our goal is to help participants develop a support system and provide opportunities to learn and grow personally and academically.

Latina Initiative: Through interactions with other women in the IU community, with goal to help Latinas develop a support system and provide opportunities to learn and grow personally and academically.

Latinx Initiative: Provides a safe space and empowers LGBTQ+ of color, specifically Latino/a/x and Latin Americans. This group's mission is also to advocate and educate on the intersectionality of LGBTQ+ Latino/a/x, as well as to provide support and valuable relationships.

National Hispanic Heritage Month: La Casa, along with other departments and organizations, host a variety of events to commemorate this time. Check out our 2018 National Hispanic Heritage Month Event Calendar .

Dia de los Muertos: This event, which honors our ancestors, is held in early November. It features traditional altars, food and activities such as making sugar skulls, masks and papel picado.

Cesar Chavez Series: During the month of March a program is held to commemorate and encourage Latino activism.

Latino Congratulatory Ceremony:This ceremony recognizes graduating Latino undergraduate and graduate students in a celebration that includes family and friends.