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Student Advisory Board

Student Advisory Board

LAMP Students

One of the main goals of the student advisory board is to facilitate the development of extracurricular opportunities for LAMP students seeking to enrich their college experiences and, often times, benefit the community.  The following list provides a brief overview of the major projects currently in the works.

1) The LAMP Link Newsletter is released at the end of each semester to discuss the events and happenings involving the LAMP community.

2) The Fall Philanthropy with Fairview Elementary School is an opportunity for students to raise money in order to purchase holiday gifts for children in need.

3) Volunteering at Pinnacle involves tutoring students K-12 who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or other information processing difficulties in subjects such as spelling, reading, and math.

4) The Spring Philanthropy Fundraising Events have not yet begun, but the goal is to raise money and provide scholarships for students attending Pinnacle Elementary School.

5) LAMP's Book Club is a place to not only get great book recommendations, but to participate in facilitated discussions with your peers.

For additional information regarding any of the LAMP projects above, please contact the following SAB Members in charge of the project:

LAMP Link Newsletter: Austin Piech at

Fall Philanthropy: Shelley Harriman at

Volunteering at Pinnacle: Rachel Eldert at

Spring Philanthropy: Austin Piech at OR Rachel Eldert at

LAMP Book Club: Kristen Rafdal at

LAMP Alumni Reunion: Elizabeth Bercovitz at

If you have any other questions concerning the role of the SAB, please feel free to contact any of the following SAB members in addition to those listed above.

SAB President, Rachel Eldert at
SAB Member, Jonathan Bell at
SAB Member, Claire Pileri at
SAB Member, Brad Kleinschmidt at
SAB Member
, Michael Edwards at

The SAB hopes this new program will allow the SAB to better serve the LAMP community by addressing needs and issues in a timely and personal manner. Please watch for future emails and other correspondence from an SAB member.

The SAB is a serious commitment.  If you get accepted to the board you will be expected to attend at least one meeting every two weeks, more depending on the time of year and projects being worked on.  If you have any questions about expectations or you just want more information e-mail Rachel Eldert at

The Virtù Project

In 2006 a group of LAMP students developed a novel idea. Combining their passion for helping others with their desire to stretch their educational experiences beyond the classroom, these students hoped to create and manage a philanthropic investment fund capable of sustaining healthcare initiatives in countries lacking sufficient medical resources. Now, this ingenious idea is on the verge of becoming a reality.

The Virtù Project will use pledged capital in a mock investment portfolio to raise money for a non-profit global health organization called the Timmy Foundation. Instead of assuming the inherent risks of investing large sums of money, Virtù will ask donors to pledge phantom money for investment in a mock portfolio. After a one year investment period, all of the returns made on the phantom money will then be paid directly to the Timmy Foundation by those who pledged it. So, if a donor were to pledge $10,000 and the fund yielded a 10% return after a year, the donor would write a check for $1,000. This method eliminates the risk of losing money yet still rewards performance.

The project itself will be divided into three teams, so that students may work in areas that appeal to them. The fund development team will seek out and build relationships with donors to garner pledges.  The investment team will work with IU faculty and experienced investors to develop an investment strategy, analyze the market, and purchase stocks.  The accountability team will prepare contracts and reports, and keep accurate records of investments, profits, and how the money is spent within the Timmy Foundation.

While fundraising for a noble cause is the primary objective of the Virtù Project, its strength lies in that it is so much more than just philanthropy. The project facilitates unique opportunities for students to develop real-world business skills.

The Virtù Project is set to become a conduit for learning and a mechanism for change.  If you are interested in becoming part of Virtù, or would like more information about the project, please contact us via e-mail at

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