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Indiana University Bloomington


The LAMP certificate, which requires approximately 36 credit hours of course work, is a supplement to Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree from the College of Arts and Sciences. The certificate is not a major or a minor, and a student cannot earn the LAMP certificate unless s/he also completes all College of Arts and Sciences degree requirements and major requirements. In short, the LAMP certificate cannot stand alone—it is intended to enhance a student’s chosen course of study in the College.

Students must fulfill basic degree requirements and they must select a major course of study (for example, Political Science, Biology, or French). In order to major in a subject, a student must complete approximately 27-36 credit hours in that subject matter. Additionally, many students choose to select a minor course of study, which typically requires between 15-26 credit hours of coursework. Students earning a degree from the College of Arts and Sciences must select a major, but they are not required to complete a minor.

LAMP students standing beside a Target lamp