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Indiana University Bloomington

LAMP Alumni

Success in life comes from balance. Through LAMP you will gain specific knowledge of business principles and management practices, as well as extensive preparation in critical thinking, problem-solving skills and communication typical of the liberal arts.

LAMP is an interdisciplinary certificate program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences in cooperation with the Kelley School of Business. LAMP allows you to integrate any major in the College with specialized training in management. LAMP students take courses in business law, accounting, management, and computer applications in the Kelley School of Business, as well as economics courses in the College. Through interdisciplinary LAMP seminars, our students integrate their course work to solve real-world problems and analyze relationships between business and society.

LAMP Graduation

But there’s more to LAMP than the courses we teach. LAMP provides many advantages for our students in the classroom and beyond. Some of the advantages LAMP offers include: