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Overseas Study

For LAMP students, one perspective is never enough, which is why we strongly encourage all LAMP students to study abroad. The benefits to studying abroad are many — language acquisition, cultural and societal understanding and appreciation. The primary reason to study abroad is to gain another valuable perspective. It is through developing knowledge of other languages, an appreciation of other customs and traditions, and in understanding ways of live and cultures beyond our own borders that LAMP students can become successful global citizens.

LAMP students in a telephone booth

The LAMP curriculum is sufficiently flexible to allow students to study in another country for as much as a year, or at least one semester. We encourage students to study abroad for as long as possible. To help support our students' international endeavors, LAMP is fortunate to have scholarship monies to offset some of the additional costs of the study abroad experience.

LAMP students may apply for funding for one overseas experience from the Robbins/Hutton Scholarship Fund. Scholarship amounts vary but are intended to cover some of the additional expenses of studying abroad. LAMP students who are also Hutton Honors College students should seek funds from LAMP rather than from the Hutton International Experiences Program. Applications for Robbins/Hutton Scholarships are accepted twice a year and are intended to roughly coincide with the IU Office of Overseas Study application deadlines.

Students choosing to study overseas for the summer 2015, fall 2015 or the full academic year will apply for funding between February 1 and March 31.

Students choosing to study overseas for the spring 2016 semester will apply for funding in the fall of 2015.

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