Landscape Architecture is responsible for planning, designing and managing all aspects of site and landscape improvements for new construction and renovation of existing University facilities. Our staff is involved in the preparation of master, landuse and open space plans to assist in future development strategies for our campuses.

I hope our alumni will always insist upon retention of our precious islands of green and serenity - our most precious physical asset, transcending even classrooms, libraries, and laboratories in their ability to inspire students to dream long dreams of future usefulness and achievement - dreams that are an essential part of undergraduate college experience.”

—Herman B Wells, 1962
address to alumni.


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    Let’s Plant a Spring Garden Together!
    6pm - 8pm
    Wednesday, April 18, 2018
    Willie Streeter Community Gardens, 2125 S. Highland Ave. Bloomington

    Ready to plant a garden, but not sure how to get started? This practical, hands-on class, held at Willie Streeter Community Gardens, will demonstrate some of the ways to plant a 10’ x 10’ garden plot. Learn techniques for getting the most from a small garden with flowers, vegetables and herbs. Participants will receive several sample schemes for planting 100ft.2 area and learn how to work with transplanting and direct seeding methods, how and when to water, and tips for thwarting weeds and pests. Bring your gloves and outdoor garden gear this spring and let’s plant a garden together! The rain date for this class is Friday, April 27th; participants will be notified if use of rain date is necessary.

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