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Libby's Border

libbys flower

Libby’s border, named after Libby Frey, a long time Hilltop volunteer who established the garden in 1980, displays a large variety of daffodils, daylilies and irises. The garden was established as the Hilltop Daffodil Trial Garden for the purpose of testing the performance of many hundreds of daffodil cultivars. The major purpose of the trial garden was to establish a record of the performance of the various cultivars under the same growing conditions, with records kept of when they bloom, how long they bloom, and the numbers of bloom from each bulb to determine which cultivars perform well in the Bloomington area in terms of bloom production and weather resistance. The Hilltop planting has varieties that bloom from early March to mid-May, depending on the season, with great diversity in form and color, from tall golden trumpets to miniatures only several inches high. Community members are encouraged to come to Hilltop to view the beautiful display of flowers in Libby’s border from the early spring daffodils through the summer display of daylilies and irises...