Leslie Bishop - The Fascinating World of Spiders

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Earlham College - Professor of Biology (retired)

Leslie Bishop is a retired professor of biology from Earlham College in Indiana, USA, where she taught for over twenty years. Her courses included Invertebrate Zoology, Insect Biology, and Biological Diversity.  In addition, she enjoyed teaching her tropical field courses: Marine Biology in the Bahamas and St. John, USVI, and Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica and Galapagos. She included many undergraduates in her research both in Puerto Rico and Dominica. Since retirement, she has been fortunate to have new opportunities. Last year, she taught Wildlife Ecology in Tanzania, and this year she is a Fulbright Scholar teaching in Dominica.  Her current interest is to raise awareness about the conservation of biodiversity, and to encourage people to learn about the natural world.

The Fascinating World of Spiders

This presentation will introduce the audience to the fascinating world of spiders and their vital role in nature. Leslie will focus on the interesting diversity and unique life styles of spiders that live right here in Indiana.