Individual Garden Plot Program in the Campus Garden


The individual garden plot program started in the spring of 2018 as a program of the Campus Garden Initiative. The campus garden is supported by Sustain IU and Hilltop Gardens. The individual plot program provides gardening space for the IU community to grow their own produce.


Registration for garden plots starts in February. Interested participants should email: if they are interested in registering. A registration form will be emailed to you. Garden plots become available to participants on March 18th and the gardens close for the season on November 1st. Gardeners may plant a variety of annual, non-invasive plants. The primary purpose of the garden plots is to grow edible plants, however, flowers are also permitted. The garden is managed using organic principles. Only organic certified pesticides and fertilizers are permitted in the garden. Participants are responsible for keeping their gardens, as well as the pathway around their gardens, free of weeds.

Gardeners are welcome to use the hose and water spigot in the campus garden as long as they turn off the water and wind up the hose when they are done. Hilltop does have a variety of tools & gloves that gardeners are welcome to use during scheduled work hours under the direction of the campus garden intern. Hilltop may have some additional seeds and plants for gardeners to use, but gardeners should plan to provide their own seeds and plants.

Participant Benefits

Participants may choose from either a 4’x8’ or 4’x10’ garden plot. In additional to a garden plot and access to water, tools, gloves, compost and mulch, gardeners may also choose to attend guided gardening workshops throughout the gardening season. The times and days will be determined at the beginning of the gardening season and participants will be notified weekly of scheduled guided activities. These activities will take place in the evenings or weekends to accommodate faculty and staff normal workday hours. When registering, participants have the option of signing up for a garden during the entire season (March-October), or part of the season depending on their schedule; March-August, May-October or May-August.


Any IU student, staff, faculty, or volunteer is welcome to a garden plot in the campus garden. Garden plots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Plots may be maintained by an individual, or multiple people, such as a student group.

Absence Policy

It is understandable that individuals may need to be out of town periodically. Hilltop and Campus Garden staff will not maintain your garden plot while you are away. If you plan to be away from your plot for more than 1 week, you will need to find another person to maintain it while you are gone. If a plot looks abandoned, i.e. overgrown with weeds, the plot may be re-assigned.

Garden Maintenance

The campus garden is surrounded by a buried fence that is intended for keeping out rabbits, however, sometimes they sneak in. If there is a need, individuals may erect fencing immediately around their garden to help control pest issues. Gardeners should take care not to interfere with their neighbor’s garden plot including controlling plant growth outside of their garden. Cages may be provided to help trellis some plants, including tomatoes. Gardeners should maintain the pathways near and around their gardens to keep them free of plant growth.