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Food Waste Composting

food waste photo

Our food waste composting program was started in September 2011 out of the efforts of Steve Akers, Associate Director of Residental Program Services (RPS) environmental operations and Brad Hayden, General Manager for RPS Dining Services. In September of 2011 we started collecting about 50 gallons of food waste from the IU Union Street Market each week.  A process was developed so that RPS environmental operations staff picks up the food waste in five gallon buckets from the Union Street Center and delivers them to Hilltop.  Hilltop’s work- study students take the buckets to the compost site, dump them, add wood chips or leaves, turn the bin and return the cleaned, empty bins outside Hilltop’s gate to be picked up by the environmental operations staff.

Recently, in October 2012, we have been able to add to our food waste program by collecting additional food waste from Read Dining Hall. We are excited to work on closing the food cycle by using the finished compost in the Edible Campus Garden which provides food for the IU Dining Facilities that provides us with food waste for the compost.