IU Connection


Hilltop has many unpaid internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students in many areas of study. Internships may qualify for credit towards a degree. Fill out an application here or contact the Hilltop Coordinator for more information or questions regarding the following educational opportunities:

  • Education Outreach Coordinator (serves at community functions, i.e. farmer’s market, children’s expo, PTOs, to promote the youth garden program at Hilltop by providing engaging gardening activities for children and their parents)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (working with volunteers, assigning duties and tasks to match appropriate skill level and interest of each volunteer, leading volunteer training)
  • Spring Gardening Educator (Hilltop would like to have a spring gardening program for children to participate afterschool and/or on weekends)
  • Fall Gardening Educator (similar to the spring garden program)
  • Nature Programming Coordinator (organizes nature programs at Hilltop; could be a once/month event, or bi-weekly, etc., but each program would stand alone)
  • Composting  Intern (works with our yard waste and food waste composting program to have an efficiently running operation)
  • Adult Lecture Series Coordinator (works with local gardening groups to develop an ongoing free lecture series on gardening and nature topics for the homeowner)
  • Grant Writing/ Research Coordinator (Many of Hilltop’s programs are funded through grants.)
  • Outreach/Advertising Coordinator ( would work with other volunteers and staff members to promote the various Hilltop programs)
  • Adopt-a-Plot (volunteers or groups can choose to adopt a garden area at Hilltop to help plan and maintain the garden space. This can also include vegetable gardens where volunteers could be involved in a food security program.) Current gardens include:
  • Newsletter Coordinator
  • Developing gardening/nature curriculum for K-12 educators
  • Hilltop Archivist
  • Additional Project/Programs are welcome