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Free University of Monroe County provides non-credit classes for adults 18 years of age or more in a variety of subject areas. All are welcome in our community of learning. Classes are taught in a relaxed environment that encourages exploration of new areas of knowledge, acquisition of useful skills, and having fun in the process. Free University of Monroe County offers low-cost classes taught by community members for community members, opportunities to meet new people, and personal enrichment through the joy of learning. For a class list or more information about how to get involved, email

Opportunities for Instructors

Free University of Monroe County welcomes class proposals throughout the year and continually adds classes to the class list.  If you would like to teach, please fill out the proposal form and email or mail it to Free University of Monroe County, P.O. Box 5152, Bloomington, IN 47407. If you need assistance in planning your class or have questions about the proposal form, we are delighted to help. You may email your questions or request a meeting.

Find the complete list of Free University on Monroe County classes here