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Gardening Classes Grow Up!
The Proper Trellising of Different Fruit-Bearing Plants

Trellising provides numerous benefits for fruit production, including more effective air circulation, better insulation, easier disease control, and more convenient harvesting. In addition, trellises can add structure to the orchard and contribute to the beauty of the landscape. Learn which trellising techniques work for best for different fruiting plants and how to create effective and inexpensive trellises for the home orchard.

Date: 10/8

Time: 2-4pm

Location: Hilltop Gardens

Register by going to: and reserve your seat at least 48 hours before the class.

Cost: FREE

Fall Planting of Pome Fruit Trees

Learn how to plant apple, pear, and other pome fruit trees in fall in order to get a head start on the growing season. In this hands-on class, students learn to select a site, prepare the soil, plant, and stake fruit trees in fall. The class will plant a tree during the class, so please dress appropriately for the weather and for the work. The proper planting of fruit trees is the first step to success and an investment in a future that can span many decades with bountiful harvests. Rain Date is 11/12. Participants will be notified if rain date is necessary.

Date: 11/5

Time: 2-4pm

Location: Bloomington Community Orchard, 2120 S. Highland Ave.

Register by going to: and reserve your seat at least 48 hours before the class.

Cost: FREE

Hypertufa Pots and Wall Hangings Workshop

Hypertufa is a lightweight, permeable mixture of Portland cement, peat moss, and vermiculite that you can mold into container shapes. The containers are great for any plant but particularly for succulent plants that don’t like to sit in water. This class will allow you to make two containers, show you how to make the hypertufa mixture, and make recommendations on molds you might use to make containers at home. Cement can be caustic to the skin so bring gloves if you are sensitive. This is a messy operation, but if you liked making mud pies as a child, you will have fun.

Date: 10/22

Time: 9:30am-noon

Location: Hilltop Garden & Nature Center

Cost: $5

Instructor: Charlotte Griffin, Monroe County Master Gardener

Registrations can be made by calling Area 10 Endwright Center 812-876-3383 Ext. 515

Instructor Opportunities

Do you have an area of gardening expertise and would like to offer a gardening-related class at Hilltop?

Please contact Lea Woodard, Hilltop Coordinator at 812-855-8808, or Robin Hobson, City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation, Community Gardening Program Manager at 812-317-3704, to inquire about instructor opportunities.