Teachers! Order your 2017 seed kits today!

These FREE kits are available to all teachers in and around Monroe County to provide a hands-on teaching activity on plants, biology, nutrition, etc.

Seed Kit image

The seed kits contain:

1 clear plastic clamshell container

5 packets of seeds

• Tomato
• Pepper
• Lettuce
• Pea
• Flower

1 compostable bag of soil

Planting instructions

Teachers may order as many seed kits as they need for their classroom; this may be just one or two or enough for each student. Kits can be picked up from Teacher’s Warehouse (located at 524 North Fairview St. Bloomington, IN 47404) or delivered directly to your classroom for free by a Teacher’s Warehouse’s volunteer. Orders can be placed January-March.

“Thank you so much for every year you help my students learn about plants, responsibility, caring, teamwork and cooperation - to name a few.” –Monroe County Elementary Teacher Seed Kit image

This kit is made possible by funding support from the Bloomington Garden Club, donations of plastic trays from Cook Incorporated, and numerous Hilltop volunteers including students from the Bloomington High School South work-study program.

If you have any questions regarding your seed kit, please contact: Lea Woodard, Coordinator Hilltop Garden & Nature Center by email: hilltop@indiana.edu or phone: 812-855-8808. We appreciate any feedback you may have to help improve the seed kit program. We also like receiving thank you letters and pictures that we can use to promote the seed kit program and support the funding for the seed kit program.

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