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Indiana University Bloomington


Required Courses:

GRAD L800: Seminar to Landscape Studies (3 cr.): An interdisciplinary graduate seminar in landscape studies that provides students with an understanding of the history of landscape studies, basic theoretical tools and an overview of principal landscape studies themes.

GRAD L830: Readings in Landscape Studies (3 cr.): P Consent of the director: Selected topics in landscape studies in preparation for comprehensive examination.

Other Requirements:

Students must fulfill the requirement for a graduate theory course and a field of interest course (see below).

Theory Courses:

SOC S540: Sociological Theory

CLST CS601: Introduction to Culture Studies

FINA A541: European Romantic Landscape Painting, 1750-1850

ESSC E555: Landscape Ecology

Field of Interest Courses:

FINA U401/U501: Depicting Landscape (Cornell)

HIST H650: American Sacred Space (Linenthal)