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Undergrad Minor Ph.D. Minor Spring '15 Courses Cross-Listed Courses Why Latino Studies?

Crosslisted Courses

Crosslisted courses are additional courses that are eligible to be included as a course within a given student's Latino Studies Minor course listing.

HISP-S 220 Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 251 Service Learning in Spanish (1 CR)
HISP-S 260 Intro to Hispanic Film (3 CR)
HISP-S 265 Topics in Hispanic Literature in Translation (3 CR)
HISP-S 284 Women in Hispanic Culture (3 CR)

HISP-S 324 Intro Study of Hispanic Cultures (3 CR)
HISP-S 326 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics (3 CR)
HISP-S 328 Intro to Hispanic Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 334 Panoramas of Hispanic Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 336 Intro to Spanish Translation (3 CR)

HISP-S 412 Spanish America: The Cultural Context (3 CR)
HISP-S 413 Hispanic Culture in the United States (3 CR)
HISP-S 422 Hispanic Cinema (3 CR)
HISP-S 423 The Craft of Translation (3 CR)
HISP-S 429 Hispanic Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics (3 CR)
HISP-S 435 Literatura Chicana y Puertorriqueña (3 CR)
HISP-S 479 Mexican Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 480 Argentine Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 481 Hispanic American National/ Regional Literatures (3 CR)
HISP-S 495 Coldwar & Revolution SPAM & Latino Literature (3 CR)
HISP-S 498 Honors Seminar (3 CR)

HISP-S 695 Neoliberalism, Immigration, Criminalization (3 CR)


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