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Latino Studies is composed of professors whose scholarship has been acclaimed both nationally and internationally.  They offer an array of courses that are joint-listed in departments throughout Indiana University.

Listed Alphabetically | Listed by Department

Raquel T. Anderson, Professor

Richard Bauman, Professor Emeritus
Anke Birkenmaier, Associate Professor

Quetzil Castañeda, Lecturer
Deborah N. Cohn, Professor
Serafin M. Coronel-Molina, Associate Professor

Luis Dávila, Professor Emeritus
Arlene Díaz, Associate Professor
Manuel Díaz-Campos, Associate Professor

J. César Félix-Brasdefer, Associate Professor
Bernard Fraga, Assistant Professor
Lessie Jo Frazier, Associate Professor
Luis Fuentes-Rohwer, Professor

Luis González, Associate Librarian
Jeffrey L. Gould, Professor
L. Shane Greene, Associate Professor
Peter Guardino, Professor
R. Andrés Guzmán, Assistant Professor

Vivian Nun Halloran, Associate Professor

Jennifer Lee, Associate Professor

Javier León, Assistant Professor
Bradley Levinson, Professor

Sylvia Martínez, Associate Professor
Rebecca Martínez, Associate Professor
John McDowell, Professor
Carmen Medina, Associate Professor
Eden Medina, Associate Professor
Alejandro Mejías-López, Associate Professor

Luciana Namorato, Associate Professor
John Nieto-Phillips, Associate Professor

Christina Ochoa, Professor
Fernando Orejuela, Lecturer

Jonathan Risner, Assistant Professor
Fabio Rojas
, Professor
Iris Rosa, Professor

Daniel Suslak, Associate Professor

Alberto Torchinsky, Professor Emeritus

Alberto Varón, Assistant Professor