House of M. Lucretius Fronto

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  1. House of L. Geius Secundus
    1. Facade with benches
    2. Atrium
    3. Atrium
    4. Atrium
    5. Room (conclave) East of entrance
    6. Room ("Winter triclinium") NE in atrium
    7. Undecorated room, view into atrium
  2. House of M. Lucretius Fronto
    1. Atrium
    2. Atrium, N side wall, panel decoration
    3. Atrium, N side wall, upper zone
    4. Atrium, Entrance to tablinum
    5. Tablinum, N wall (left)
    6. Tablinum, S wall (right)
    7. Tablinum, S wall
    8. Tablinum, upper zone
    9. Tablinum, upper zone, center, stage front design
    10. Tablinum, hemicycle and opus sectile
    11. Tablinum, N. wall panel,"Marriage" of Venus and Mars
    12. Tablinum, S. wall panel,"Marriage" of Bacchus and Ariadne
    13. Tablinum, villa landscape
    14. Tablinum, villa landscape
    15. Tablinum, villa landscape
    16. first conclave, S. off atrium, panel: Neoptolemus at Delphi
    17. second conclave off atrium, west wall
    18. second conclave off atrium, east wall
    19. second conclave, S. off atrium
    20. second conclave, S. off atrium, panel: Heracles and Omphale or Theseus and Ariadne?
    21. third conclave, S. off atrium, panel: Narcissus
    22. Viridarium w/ hunt scene
    1. Foundation platform
    2. Marble revetted Atrium
    3. Tablinum w/ marble revetment
    4. Interior pool
    5. Interior Peristyle
    6. Interior peristyle, Euripus w/ "Danaid" figures
    7. "Danaid" Figures (displayed in Naples Museum)
    8. Single Danaid
    9. Large peristyle, full length
    10. Large peristyle, full length
    11. Large peristyle, corridor
    12. Corridor, Simulated First Style wall painting
    13. Peristyle Corridor, second style wall painting motif (tholos)
    14. Large peristyle decoration, false door motif
    15. Large peristyle, paratactic wall decoration
    16. Large peristyle, deer statue at the Getty
    17. Large peristyle, statue of Hermes resting, Getty Villa
    18. Hermathena from the small peristyle
    19. Ptolemy II from the atrium
    20. Statue of the Roman Matron
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