House of Marcus Lucretius IX.3.5

To walk through specific rooms or regions of the House of Marcus Lucretius, click on a labeled room or region in the plan.

N.B.: Please consult the list of available views underneathe the plan to be sure you have seen all there is to see.

Atrium Second Room Right, South First Room Left, North Tablinum Oecus Left Ala Right Ala Staircase Second Room Left, North Second Room Right, South Garden Room Kitchen Quarters Garden

(A) Atrium | (B1) Left (North) Conclave | (B2) Right (South) Conclave | (C1) Left (North) Conclave | (C2) Right (South) Conclave | (D1) Left Ala | (D2) Right Ala | (E) Tablinum | (F) Oecus | (G) Staircase | (J) Garden Room | (H) Garden | (I) Kitchen Quarters

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