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This site has been created for ease of use. It will work on Netscape Navigator 4.7 and higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher. Other browsers may work, but this site was tested using Netscape 4.7 and IE 5.0 and 5.5 browsers. In order to view an image, the floorplan of the house must be opened. This is done from the index page. Once the floorplan is opened, click on a room on the floorplan or on one of the hyperlinks at the bottom of the page to bring up a page with thumbnails of images from that room. A fullsize image (app. 30-60 Kbytes in size) along with a brief description of the image and information concerning the location of the image will appear in a new window. Click on the button "Return to Last Screen" to close this window and to continue to browse.

For example: If you wanted to view an image of the West wall of the exedra of the house of L. Albucius Celsus, in the page entitled, "Index of currently available houses," you would click on the words, "House of L. Albucius Celsus." This will bring you a page with a floorplan of the House of L. Albucius Celsus. In this page, you can either click on the word "(G) Exedra" at the bottom of the map or click on the room labeled "G" directly on the map. This will bring you to a page containing an image of the room on the left and a group of four thumbnail images from this room on the right. Click directly on the image labeled "W wall" (W for west, all cardinal directions have been abbreviated to their first letter). This will open a new window containing a full size image of the West wall of the exedra, along with a caption telling you that it is the West wall from the exedra in the house of L. Albucius Celsus. To close this window and to continue to browse, click the gray button "Return to Last Screen." Further browsing can be done with either your browsers controls or with the hyperlinks at the bottom of each page. 

For further questions consult the following FAQ.

The following are some web browser related issues you might need to be aware of while visiting any of the houses and villas on these pages.

Dialing in from off-campus
If you are dialing in from off-campus or accessing these pages from outside the IUB network, you may find that these pages take some time to load, especially the GIF and JPG images. There are only a few extremely large images that will take more than a few minutes to load.

Expand the Browser Window:
Since some the plans and the images are rather large, it is a good idea to expand your browser window to fill the entire monitor screen.

Reload often:
Some of the plans and corresponding images will be updated on a fairly regular basis as the semester rolls on. More rooms will become visitable and images will be added to the rooms that are already available.
To be able to see the additions, you may have to hit the reload/refresh button on your web browser for each page you visit. This will call up the newest version of the page. This is especially important if you are using your own computer rather than a computer in a public computing facility.

The resolution of the images is poor, what can I do to fix this?
Make sure that your screen resolution is set at either high color (65,536 colors) or true color (16,777,216 colors) and not at 256 colors. This can be accomplished through the display properties found in the control panel under settings in the start menu in Windows 98/95.

Can I view the full size image at once without having to scroll?
Yes, make sure your monitor is set to at least 1024 x 768. Anything smaller will force to you have to scroll through some images. This can be accomplished through the display properties found in the control panel under settings in the start menu in Windows 98/95.

Image Maps giving you headaches?
Remember, not all rooms have images, if you click on a room and nothing happens, there are no images for that room. If you do not have Netscape 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher, you may not be able to click on the plans at all. Never fear. Underneath each plan is a list of the active rooms you can visit.

Hope you find this site useful!:
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